Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mae West: Century City

"Myra Breckinridge" starred MAE WEST, John Huston, Raquel Welch, Rex Reed, Farrah Fawcett, Jim Backus, and Tom Selleck.
• • Little loved in Hollywood, this flop is rarely written about so it was surprising to come across Richard Carradine's well-informed columns about cinema history in Century City, California. Referring to one scene in "Myra B," Richard Carradine writes: This very Hollywood centric (both in the actual geography and as subject) suddenly switches gears, and moves to Century City for Myra's big death scene. Why? . . . [Source: Shot in Century City: 'Myra Breckinridge' — — Avenue of the Stars has a cameo in this star-studded film, one of the worst ever made by a studio | By Richard Carradine | on 16 February 2011 |]
• • Eddie Foy • •
• • Born as Edwin Fitzgerald on 9 March 1856 in Greenwich Village, New York City, Eddie Foy, Sr. became an actor, comedian, dancer, and vaudeville star.
• • As an amateur preparing herself to be an entertainer, Mae West did impressions of Eddie Foy, George M. Cohan, Bert Williams, and Eva Tanguay.
• • It was on 25 June 1926 that Mae West appeared with Eddie Foy — — as well as Houdini and other entertainers (such as George M. Cohan, Fanny Brice, the Marx Brothers, Ann Pennington, Hazel Dawn, Al Jolson, etc.) — — at the Polo Grounds on West 155th Street in Manhattan's Washington Heights area [zipcode 10032]. The fundraiser, organized for the benefit of the United Jewish Campaign, was staged by Mae's old dancing teacher Ned Wayburn.
• • Eddie Foy died in Kansas City, Missouri in the month of February — — on 16 February 1928 — — almost two years after he had appeared at the same Benefit with Mae West.
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