Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mae West: Inspires Lulu Guinness

The Red Perspex Lips Clutch by the 51-year-old British handbag designer Lulu Guinness was inspired by Salvador Dali's iconic MAE WEST Lips sofa, an original built in 1937. Created in a dazzling red poppy perspex, it is lined with black grosgrain. The Brooklyn bombshell continues to be a style icon all over the world.
• • Films to Get You in the Mood • •
• • "I'm No Angel" — Not a romantic comedy by contemporary standards, notes Jimi Izrael of NPR.org. Mae West stars as Tira, the burlesque performer with a good heart who finds love despite herself. Cary Grant sets this film off as Jack Clayton, the respectable socialite who falls for the shake-dancing lion tamer. Jimi Izrael adds: West brings a sexy performance — completely clothed — that leaves little wonder to how she pulled Paramount Studios out of bankruptcy. HOT. [Source: "Films to Get You in the Mood" by Jimi Izrael, NPR, 15 February 2011]
• • Mae West's Leg • •
• • An American group of female vocalists from the state of Washington calls the band Mae West’s Leg. The group is made up of Tina North, Kat Bula, and Amanda Kalkwarf.
• • Kathleen Clifford • •
• • Born in Charlottesville, Virginia in the month of February — — on 16 February 1887 — — Kathleen Clifford was an American vaudeville and Broadway stage and film actress of the early twentieth century.
• • As with "Baby Mae," Kathleen Clifford's career acting was initially built on the vaudeville stages as a comedienne. Renowned for her impersonations of men, Kathleen Clifford was often humorously billed as "The Smartest Chap in Town."
• • In 1912, a large cast was hired for the Florenz Ziegfeld musical production "A Winsome Widow" [staged on Broadway from April — September 1912]. Kathleen Clifford was hired to play a male role: Willie Grow. Mae West won acclaim as La Petite Daffy in the same production.
• • Miss Clifford died on 28 December 1962 at age 75.
• • Come up and see Mae every day online: http://MaeWest.blogspot.com/
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Mae West.

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