Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mae West: Rambunctious Celebration

On 17 August 2010 MAE WEST was saluted on a typical tropical night — — in Hollywood — — at The House of Ram.
• • Ramfis "Ram" Diaz, who hosted the very first Mae West Birthday Tribute back in 1984 as a simple spaghetti supper, is a Westiana preservationist of epic proportions. Indeed many Angelenos would say that Ram's acquisitions of the movie queen's rarities would equal the passionate commitment of Thomas Bruce, the Seventh Earl of Elgin, who seized upon the Parthenon Marbles and brought these artifacts to Britain.
• • Devotee Damon Devine, who was photographed at the party, arrived late — — since he was being pursued all night by autograph seekers.
• • California transplant David Pekrol, a New Jersey native, invited an East Coast performer to the festivities — — and the very talented Sharon McNight delighted the attendees with her Mae West impersonation.
• • Sharon McNight portrayed Mae West at the party • •
• • Sharon McNight, who made her Broadway debut in 1989, is the recipient of the coveted Theatre World Award for "Outstanding Broadway Debut" which was presented to her by Carol Channing. McNight's current project is "Betty, Betty, Bette," created to celebrate the screen legends Grable, Hutton, and Davis. She has six solo recordings to her credit. One of these is "The Sophie Tucker Songbook," which contains the music of her one-woman show based the show business legend. "The Sophie Tucker Songbook" debuted at New York's Rainbow & Stars as part of an ASCAP Sunday night showcase March 1996. Since then, she developed it into a one-woman musical, Red Hot Mama.
• • Canadian guest R. Mark Desjardins, who has been researching the private life of Mae West for the past ten years, has a full report on this annual jubilation in Southern California. His commentary will appear soon, punctuated by more photographs.

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