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Mae West: No Stamp, No Statue, No Fan Club

After meeting at Tommy Guinan's speakeasy party in the summer of 1926, MAE WEST was fascinated by Rudolph Valentino [1895 — 1926] — — and her first seance with Texas Guinan was led by an Italian medium who attempted to communicate with the Hollywood heart-throb to find out if he had been poisoned by a jealous rival in August of 1926.
• • Since Valentino gave Mae advice on this occasion, she adopted him as a spiritual guide.

• •
Increased Height in the After-Life • •
• • Interestingly, when a statue of "the Sheik" was commissioned in Apulia, the Puglese sculptor generously increased the height of the beloved silent screen star.
• • Apparently, the same thing happened for Mae who, in reality, was barely five feet tall. "A wax image of her was once on display at The Hollywood Wax Museum but that 5 ft. 5 in. tall figure, designed by Leah DeLio, and revamped by Hollywood Wax Museum curator Ken Horn, was auctioned off in 2009," writes Laura Deni, who displays a photo of the larger-than-lifesize figure in the current issue of her excellent online magazine Broadway to Vegas. The Nevada-based scribe adds the auctioneer's description of this statue: "Mae West looks sultry wearing a black floor length gown, black heels, and black feather boa as if she's about to say "Come up sometime and see me." This figure, designed by Leah DeLio, is one of the original figures of the Museum and revamped by Hollywood Wax Museum curator Ken Horn. The wax head was sculpted and portrait painted in oil and the figure stands 5 feet, 5 inches tall. ..."
• • In commemoration of the movie queen's birthday as well as her legendary floor shows in Las Vegas, Laura Deni has written a provocative and informative feature article. Broadway to Vegas has been published since April 1998. Read "Mae West Birthday Celebrated" at the link below.
• • Despite all of her contributions, only the Congo has seen fit to honor Mae West with a stamp.
— — Excerpt: — —
• • By Laura Deni, Editor and Publisher
• • Published in: Broadway to Vegas — —,2010.html
• • Published on: Saturday, 8 August 2010

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• • During this week, the MAE WEST BLOG will savor some more revealing commemorations of the screen queen by her long-time fans and collectors of Westiana.
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