Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mae West: Tyler Brooke

Tyler Brooke, a native New Yorker of French descent, appeared in one classic motion picture with MAE WEST.
• • Born during the month of June — — on 6 June 1886 — — his real name was Victor Hugo de Biere. Tyler Brooke was cast in "Belle of the Nineties" [1934] as a comedian.
• • The versatile bit player appeared in a number of silent comedies for producer Hal Roach between 1925 — 1927, often paired with James Finlayson. Additionally, he worked frequently with both Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in the period just prior to their partnership. An argument cause by billiards made him sue Hardy in 1929, claiming his porcine colleague fractured his arm
— — unfortunately, souring his career options with both Hardy and Hal Roach. Ouch.
• • His transition to talkies, however, otherwise went smoothly. Tyler Brooke had a beautiful voice; his earliest films showcase him performing several songs.
• • Thrice married, the five-foot-eight character actor was usually cast as a handsome society rake, a handlebar-mustached quartet singer, or musical hall comedian. He appeared in 92 films between 1915 — 1943.
• • On 2 March 1943, Tyler Brooke committed suicide in Los Angeles. The 56-year-old actor turned to carbon monoxide poisoning for his final curtain call. So sad.

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