Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mae West: Norman, Oklahoma

Wearing a costume and assuming the persona of MAE WEST, one intrepid teenager had quite an adventure in Oklahoma that began on Friday night, 18 June 2010 just before the witching hour.
• • Library Lock-In: An Overnight Mystery • •
• • It occurred to librarian Rebecca Spence that there must be students who have always wanted to wander the shadowy, spooky, creaky corridors of a library after dark. And so she created a "What If" challenge built around this L.A.R.P. fantasy: H. G. Wells had been testing his novel's time machine at a soiree but he is discovered dead in the bathroom. Who killed him? Was it Mae West, James Joyce, Isadora Duncan, T.S. Eliot, or another of the visitors?
• • It Happened One Night: Teens get "locked in" the library at 11:00 PM Friday night and will get to solve a mystery, enjoy a late night dinner, participate in a costume contest, and other fun activities until 7:00 AM Saturday morning. [This event was only available to girls and boys ages 12 — 17.] Cheers to the teen wearing the MAE WEST costume. We hope you win!
• • Where: Norman Library's Lowry Room, 225 North Webster, Norman, OK 73069.
• • Here's another mystery to consider. Why aren't there more librarians in the USA with the creative mind of Rebecca Spence?

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Mae West.

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  1. Romain8:00 AM

    How I wish i was the one!!! Even if i'm not into drag, For Miss West i will!!! lol