Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mae West: Sexual Arena

MAE WEST is the Queen for putting up a mirror in the face of hypocrisy, according to Elaina B. Archer. In the opinion of Ms. Archer: Mae was way ahead of her time and has opened so many doors — — she was a powerhouse, and, for a while, she was virtually untouchable. Of course, until The Code was enforced. Then she lost some of her shock value, along with box office dollars. And, let's face it, in this business, it is all about the dollars. But, Mae West was on a mission — — one that lasted for her entire life.
• • Elaina Archer adds: Sexuality and censorship go hand in hand. It is true that human sexuality is only one issue that is covered when discussing censorship, and a subject that I have always been fascinated in. All of the stars that I have focused upon in my documentary films have stood for some kind of freedom and empowerment in the sexual arena — — yes, even Mary Pickford. I am highly impressed with the ability to create a powerful sexual persona on the screen, something that I truly believes takes a unique talent to pull off in a convincing manner. In another of our programs, "Gangland: Bullets Over Hollywood," we focus on censoring violence and gangland cinema. "Why Be Good? Sexuality and Censorship in Early Cinema" focuses only on the sexual arena. We include sociological, political, technical and all other aspects of the era in order to provide a background of knowledge that would explain the sexual mores of the time. This allows for a greater understanding of our subject and allows the clips, literally to speak for themselves. Nine years ago, I sold and produced a show for Timeline Films entitled "Complicated Women" which covers the pre-code era from 1929 — 1935. Now, I wished to create a film that shows the pre-pre-code era. I wanted to show that censorship has always existed in one form or another, since the very beginning of film, and even prior to the birth of film, in the theater and in all of the arts. ...
• • "Why Be Good? Sexuality and Censorship in Early Cinema" is available in DVD format. The footage, directed by Elaina Archer, was narrated by actress Diane Lane. We would love to have your opinions on "Why Be Good?" and your review, so do check it out.
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• • Article: "Censorship in Silents: An Interview with Elaina Archer"
• • BY: Hala Pickford | Commentator
• • Published by Forget the Talkies — — www.forgetthetalkies.com
• • Published on: 8 January 2010

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