Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mae West: Red-Hot Grammy

MAE WEST appeared in variety with Sophie Tucker, who was born on January 13th — — and who is making an appearance at the Grammy Awards later this month.
• • According to informed sources, "When Grammy nominees Johnny Depp and Sophie Tucker, nominated in the same category, walk the red carpet at this year's Grammy Awards, TV cameras and photographers will have a field day when they see flamboyant Vaudeville star Sophie Tucker strutting down the aisle escorted by her writer/ producer Grammy nominees Lloyd and Susan Ecker."
• • "Sophie Tucker [13 January 1884 — 9 February 1966] was an icon to the world's most outrageous female entertainers including Mae West, Bette Midler, and Cher who have walked many red carpets in their showbiz careers," said the Eckers. "Sophie is looking forward to meeting Johnny at the awards telecast."
• • Innovative Films writer-producers Susan and Lloyd Ecker are nominated for Best Album Notes, "Sophie Tucker: Origins of the Red-Hot Mama, 1910 — 1922," for Archeophone Records.
• • The Grammy red carpet will be unfurled on 31 January 2010 when the winners will be announced on CBS.

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