Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mae West: Eddie Sutherland

A director who worked with MAE WEST at Paramount Pictures has escaped our attention up until now. Since it's his birthday, a few paragraphs are in order.
• • Born in London, England in early January, A. Edward Sutherland [5 January 1895 — 31 December 1973] hailed from a theatrical family. Al Sutherland, his father, was an American-born theatre manager and producer; Julie Ring, his mother, was an American vaudeville performer. Early in his career, Sutherland was cast in more than thirty-six silent movies — — after his debut as one of the original Keystone Cops in "Tillie's Punctured Romance" [1914], a slapstick feature that starred Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand, and Marie Dressler. Mack Sennett launched him at age 19 into a long career in films.
• • In 1926, at age 31, he had transitioned into the director of "It's the Old Army Game" starring W.C. Fields, with whom he remained friends.
• • The five-foot-eight charmer, who was much married, was once wed to the beautiful Louise Brooks. . . briefly.
• • He helmed "Every Day's a Holiday" [1938], which starred Mae West and featured Edmund Lowe, Charles Butterworth, Charles Winninger, Lloyd Nolan, Walter Catlett, Chester Conklin, and Louis Armstrong.

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Mae West.

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