Friday, August 14, 2009

Mae West: Well-Rounded

News men had various opinions about MAE WEST, often comparing her to the leading screen queens of her era (and some divas were not as well-rounded as the Brooklyn blonde).
• • Douglas Gilbert, writing in The New York World-Telegram in 1933, thought Mae West symbolized a revolt against the "modern" woman of emancipated ideas and emaciated shape who had dominated the twenties:
• • • • "No argument can dislodge her present position. She has given the gate to those proud beauties who once ruled our screen. The great Garbo [1905 — 1990] today is a trifle passé. 'Legs' Dietrich [1901 — 1992], as she is dubbed in the studios, shakes her slender limbs to apathetic houses. . . . Against Mae's ample bosom figuratively rest the modish aspirations of our girls. Her well-rounded arms encircle a nation's desire for escape from a synthetic life to one of substance and color." . . .
• • According to his grandson, Douglas Gilbert died in late January 1948 [at age 52], "appropriately at the bar in the Gotham Hotel" then located on Fifth Avenue at 55th Street.

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