Thursday, August 06, 2009

Mae West: Clyde Fitch

It is doubtful that Clyde Fitch had heard of MAE WEST, who was but 16 years old when the playwright passed on. But there's a point to be made, so show some patience.
• • Born in Elmira, New York, Clyde Fitch [2 May 1865 – 4 September 1909] was an American dramatist with a brilliant career.
• • Clyde Fitch wrote over 60 plays — — 36 of them original — — which varied from social comedies and farces to melodrama and historical dramas.
• • The Clyde Fitch Report's editor is Leonard Jacobs, who set forth down his CFR editorial path in 2006. Joining the blogosphere, Jacobs said he wished "to create a platform in which I could opine on or consider those topics for which I lacked a place in my professional life."
• • Early in the month of August, the Clyde Fitch Report very nicely encouraged their readers to come out and take the Mae West and Texas Guinan tour. In turn, we would like to take you by the elbow and steer you into the Clyde Fitch embrace — — — — and tell 'em Mae sent ya.

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