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Mae West: Hold the Mayo

During the month of March 1924, MAE WEST was trouping through the southwest, where she had accepted a four-week contract to perform on the Interstate Vaudeville Circuit. Covering Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas, this was one of variety's least desirable routes and a far cry from the bath of light at Times Square.
• • Perhaps a motion picture promotional tour during the 1930s took her back to Tulsa — — because the new management of a local inn is displaying her portrait, claiming Mae slept there. Since they did not furnish gritty specifics such as which of the 600 rooms she booked, which floor she breezed through, or what year, you'll need to call them up and ask: T: 918-582-6296. [Do let us know!]

• • Eighty-four years ago architect George Winkler designed the Mayo Hotel [at 115 W. Fifth Street, Tulsa, OK 74103], which went up in 1925, sparing no expense on the very cool marble and terrazzo flooring.
• • Unfortunately, the venue's guests since 1981 were mostly ghosts. An extensive renovation is under way, apparently, and new residents will start hanging their hats there by August 22nd. By Hallowe'en they ought to be in good spirits.
• • According to Macy Snyder, sales manager at the Mayo, workers are polishing the finials, spit-shining the doorknobs, and completing the $40 million renovation, equipping the landmark with 102 hotel rooms, 76 apartments, seven meeting rooms, and a new restaurant space. In 1980 the (then forlorn) Mayo was added to The National Register of Historic Places.
• • Tulsa World's Robert Evatt interviewed Ms. Snyder recently. Macy Snyder told him: "Those rooms will be unique as well because more than 100 different large photos of historic Tulsa and the Mayo's history, from famous guests to its recent reconstruction, will be scattered throughout the rooms and the hallways. ..."
• • The Mayo Hotel boasts of these famous connections, noted Robert Evatt: Oilman J. Paul Getty lived at the Mayo when he was a Tulsan. Mae West, John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, Charles Lindbergh, Charlie Chaplin, and Babe Ruth are among its famous guests. Richard Nixon once spoke there. ...
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• • Article: "A milestone for the Mayo"
• • Byline: Robert Evatt, Tulsa World Staff Writer | Research by Hilary Pittman
• • Published in: Tulsa World — —
• • Published on: 6 August 2009
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