Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mae West: Royale Success

On 22 April 1928, The New York Times was talking about MAE WEST. On the theatre page was an announcement that "Diamond Lil" was the most prosperous of all the recent stage productions.
• • "Diamond Lil" debuted at the Royale Theatre [242 West 45th Street, NYC]
on 9 April 1928. It was a huge box office success — — as well as a favorite with drama critics.
• • Interestingly, though Mae had worn contemporary styles as Margy LaMont in "Sex," she situated her 1928 script in New York City during the Gay Nineties. Even after the show's run, the character Diamond Lil became the actress's enduring persona.
• • Engaging gowns designed by the British costumer Dolly Tree balanced Mae West's scarlet sisterhood style with a glamorous touch that made her more appealing to a middle-class audience.
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