Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mae West: April 1934

MAE WEST was so busy during April 1934 with her Hollywood career in full bloom that she may have missed this newspaper item about her late friend and generous Broadway backer.
• • On 2 April 1934, one of the armored cars owned by Texas Guinan — — always garaged on Washington Square South, two blocks from the speakeasy hostess's townhouse on West Eighth Street — — sailed to Liverpool, England and its new owner.
• • Texas Guinan, queen of the night clubs, died on 5 November 1933. Her jewelry, furs, and cars were auctioned and one of her showgirls snapped up the bullet-proof vehicle. Perhaps the chorine made a nice profit on the automobile when she resold it shortly afterward to an Englishman. Clearly, the gal was not overcome by the limousine's sentimental value.
• • Texas Guinan loved to be driven out to Long Island for seafood after her club closed for the night, taking along a gaggle of girls who were known as "Texas Guinan's mob" to enjoy the fresh ocean air and the fresh catch.
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