Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mae West: September 1928

In early September 1928, as the Broadway run of "Diamond Lil" was coming to a close, MAE WEST went to the Bronx to pay her respects.
• • On 7 September 1928, Fanny Leitzbach had died. Shortly afterward, the funeral proceeded from her residence and the Bavarian woman was buried in Woodlawn. Fanny's devoted daughter was Mae's frequent writing partner.
• • Adeline M. Leitzbach • •
• • After Mae West read the play Following the Fleet (written by J.J. Byrne and Ted McLean), it did not suit her idea of a vehicle that would make the most of her talents. So she again contacted a female playwright of German descent who was often hired to collaborate.
• • In 1922, Mae had first contacted this ghost writer, who helped her put together a full-length, three act play: "The Hussy."
• • The author was living in the Bronx with her widowed mother Mrs. Maximilian Leitzbach and had worked on projects such as adapting a woman's novel Wife in Name Only [1923] for the screen. Soon Mae West, age 32, and Adeline M. Leitzbach, age 38, would be revising the script that would become Sex and be staged in April 1926.
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Mae West.

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