Friday, September 19, 2008

Mae West: Brooklynites

Joan Rivers was born in Brooklyn, NY on 8 June 1933 — — forty years after MAE WEST was born. When Mae died, Joan was 47 years old.
• • Attending Mae West's funeral in 1980 is one of the things the 75-year-old comedienne discusses in her stage show "Joan Rivers: A Work In Progress by A Life in Progress" (now playing in London). When Joan intones “she outlived her fame,” it is understood that Ms Rivers surely intends to avoid that.
• • British drama critic Sharon Garfinkel recently described the performance for readers of The Tribune Magazine: "The show is set in a dressing room, which has been allocated to Joan backstage at the Oscars. Sadly for her, it is dressing room two, her make-up artist of 30 years is absent, and her producer is merely an assistant. The delightful Emily Koskoski is her make-up artist and Nathan Osgood acts as her producer. Still, as she gets ready for the big night, she tells us all numerous anecdotes from her life: the good and the bad, including her husband’s suicide as well as sex for the over 60s. She reminisces about attending Mae West’s funeral and how she was shocked that, despite West’s great acclaim, only a few others attended. . . ." [Source: The Tribune UK — — — — 17 September 2008]
• • Reviewing the Joan Rivers show for the London Theatre Guide earlier this month, British drama critic Peter Brown had written: "And [Joan Rivers] discusses meeting a veteran Mae West who required special conditions in order to be entertained. Later, she describes Ms West's funeral which had only a handful of people present, in spite of the fact that an entire studio owed its continued existence to Ms West's celebrity. ..."
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