Monday, September 08, 2008

Mae West: Keith Moon

A short life but a merry one did not appeal to MAE WEST — — but the daylight ended abruptly for her co-star Keith Moon.
• • In 1978, Keith Moon played a fashion designer in "Sextette." Camping it up, he may have even stolen the scene from Mae. "That dress is so fantastic, even I would wear it," he sputters in his strongest cockney accent. "In fact, I have."
• • Born in London, England, Keith Moon [23 August 1946 — 7 September 1978] was the drummer of the rock group The Who. One journalist described Moon as "a madcap force of nature whose attention-grabbing antics rarely held him back from landing on the beat."
• • Three weeks before the drummer's death, his final album with the band — — Who Are You — — was released. The album cover shows him straddling a chair that reads Not To Be Taken Away. Thirty years ago, Keith Moon died of a drug overdose on 7 September 1978. He was 32.

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