Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mae West: Ciro's

MAE WEST used to perform at the legendary Ciro's on Sunset Boulevard, Leonie Cooper reminds the British readers of The Guardian. London is seeing a resurgence of those glamourous nightspots. At the 2-year-old Pigalle Club [in London's Piccadilly], for instance, Eartha Kitt is still stepping out from behind the velvet drapes at the back of the stage. In her red dress slit to the thigh, 81-year-old Kitt is the epitome of supper-club chic.
• • Leonie Cooper writes: Hollywood movie stars of yore knew how to dine out in style. At Ciro's supper club on Sunset Boulevard — — a favourite of Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner — — the entertainment was provided by luminaries such as Mae West, Edith Piaf, and Billie Holiday, while Bogie and Bacall used to eat at the Mocambo, a Brazilian-themed venue that was inhabited by a flock of showbiz parrots. This was the golden, maribou-trimmed era of supper clubs, yet now, despite lean times looming, ritzy restaurant-cum-nightclubs are experiencing a revival. ...
• • Cooper has researched an enjoyable feature and you can read the rest online in The Guardian.
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• • Article: A new generation of sophisticated, luxurious supper clubs is bringing back the glamorous tradition of 'dinner and a show'.
• • Written by: Leonie Cooper
• • Published in: The Guardian — —
• • Published on: 21 May 2008
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Mae West.

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