Friday, April 04, 2008

Mae West: Snarked

Covering the last live show by snarky Joan Rivers, Masha Savitz recounts an off-beat onstage narrative about MAE WEST.
• • Writing for The Epoch Times from the West Coast, a publication sadly in need of a copy editor, Masha Savitz tells it this way: "Hi, Cooper darling, it's Nanny New-Face!" is what Joan Rivers says to her grandson, referring to her extensive plastic surgery, during the world premiere of 'A work in Progress by a Life in Progress' in an on-stage phone conversation at Los Angeles's Geffen Playhouse on 22 March 2008, during the early show filled with the silver-haired crowd. . . .
• • The audience is treated to classic Joan Rivers' irreverent, scathing humor, as she makes fun of herself and anyone else.
• • In another such aside, she talks about hosting the elderly and eccentric Mae West for mandatory candlelit dinners at River's home where everyone was instructed to listen in silence as she reminisced in the infamous 'Mae West' persona and voice.
• • Joan Rivers also talked about a strange encounter with Joan Crawford, and other screen greats. Along with speaking openly about the great tribulations of her life, like when her husband Edgar committed suicide after a severe depression following serious heart surgery, and at 56 needing to start all over again when she was fired from the network on the premise that a widow whose husband kills himself is not funny, Rivers explains, "It is how I always got through life by telling jokes."
• • She triumphantly brings us on the journey with her, through the pain, towards faith and perseverance, while keeping us howling with laughter in the isles [sic]
— — heartfelt and hilarious.
• • The Epoch Times prints some howlers — — for instance, laughter in the isles and "who's" when the writer means "whose" or run-on sentences. And I corrected most of the Epoch errors but deliberately left a few for your enjoyment. How many did you spot?
— — excerpt — —
• • "Joan Rivers: A Work In Progress by a Life in Progress"
• • Byline: Masha Savitz, Los Angeles Staff Writer
• • Published in: The Epoch Times
• • Published on: 3 April 2008
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Mae West.

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