Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mae West: Influential

"When I am 90, I'm going to look like MAE WEST!" said Dolly Parton, who (at not quite five feet tall) is about the same height as the durable Empress of Sex. "I may be in a wheelchair — — but I'll still have the big hair, big boobs, and big fingernails. I'll probably end up this way in my coffin. But I won't be a fat hog!"
• • Born on 19 January 1946, Dolly Parton was interviewed by Alan W. Petrucelli for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Now worth more than $100 million, Dolly is comfortable about laughing at herself and acknowledging that she drew inspiration — — not unlike Mae West — — from the scarlet sisterhood. Dolly explained, "I'm not a natural beauty, so when I started out, I needed to be as flamboyant and outrageous as possible." She recalled, "My trashy look started from a sincere place — — a country girl's idea of glamour. I always wanted to be sexy even before I knew what the word meant. I thought that town tramps were beautiful. They had more hair, more color, more of everything. And they had men always hanging 'round them. So I copied those girls. And I owe them a lot."
• • Dolly Parton giggled as she made an admission so very unlike Mae West. "When I realized my trashy look was working, I kept it. It's cost me a lot to look so cheap," she added. "I wear the fake hair because it's so tacky. I wear high heels because I have short legs. And I wear fake fingernails because I have short, fat arms. I have no taste and no style and I love it!"
• • Now 62, hard-working Dolly Parton does share a great deal with Mae West, for instance, her refusal to be defeated and her determination to keep her career going even though she is a senior citizen. It's a long high-spirited interview with an upbeat woman — — and the source is posted below.
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• • Byline: Alan W. Petrucelli
• • Publisher: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette — —
• • Published on: 21 April 2008

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Mae West.

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