Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mae West: Ed Wynn

MAE WEST said she learned so much from the sublimely silly vaudeville comedian Ed Wynn [born in 1886].
• • While playing opposite the seasoned 32-year-old Ed Wynn in Arthur Hammerstein's Broadway hit "Sometime" (with a music score by Rudolf Friml), Mae West came to the realization that she was throwing away her lines. Observing the crafty comic timing of Ed Wynn, said Mae West, and watching how he made sure he caught the audience's attention before delivering a line, was the best lesson.
• • Fortunately, Mae had ample time to study the Philadelphia-born cut-up. "Sometime" opened at the Shubert Theatre on 4 October 1918. After running for eight months and 283 performances, the musical closed in June 1919.
• • And also in the month of June, Ed Wynn died of throat cancer: 19 June 1966.
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Mae West.

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