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Mae West: The Monocle

On Friday, 18 October 1935, MAE WEST made the front page of The Monocle. Always popular with the campus crowd, the Hollywood movie queen's name was often reported linked to a classmate's pranks. Here's a charming anecdote from The Monocle, a bi-weekly paper published by John Marshall High School, Richmond, Virginia.
• • Screen Actress Monocle Buyer • •
• • "Mae West" Is Signed on List of Paper Subscribers In Room 11 • •
• • Two of America's most colorful figures are in Mr. Walter Beverly's home room, 11. Glancing over The Monocle subscription list, his eye caught the name "Jesse James." Hastily looking 'round to see if he could recognize America's "Robin Hood," Mr. Beverly found the two-gun desperado — nowhere.
• • After the hasty search, he returned to his subscription list. His eyes registered a distinct shock when they met the words — "Mae West — 25c., paid."
• • "Ah," he muttered, "mayhap if these ladies and gentlemen stayed after school this p. m., I could meet the picturesque James and the attractive Miss West."
• • Announcing the situation to the class, Mr. Beverly called on the two celebrities to rise and receive the welcome due their positions.
• • Reluctantly, Goldie Specton stood, acknowledging herself to be the screen siren. The class roared in approval. Winston Robinson then boldly proclaimed himself the one and only Jesse James.
• • Mr. Beverly extended greetings to the two personages, adding, "Mae, come up and see me sometime."
• • Source: Item on Page 1 in The Monocle; published on Friday, 18 October 1935.
• • On Friday, 18 October 1918 • •
• • In Billboard's review of "Sometime" printed on 18 October 1918, they reserved several sentences filled with praise for Mae West.
• • On Sunday, 18 October 1931 • •
• • The Herald Tribune reviewed Mae's Harlem play on Sunday, 18 October 1931.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West, brassy and openly sexual, mocked conventional stereotypes in "I'm No Angel."
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "Gay boys are taking over the business."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A California daily mentioned Mae West.
• • Checking on Mae West, Frank Wallace, who expects to appear in the movie version of his own story, "Frankie and Mamie," is familiarizing himself with Mae West's photos. She has changed from the Mae he said he wed.  ...
• • Source:  Item in San Bernardino Sun;  published on Wednesday, 16 October 1935 
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