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Mae West: Bonus Airs

A very long article about MAE WEST and her career in Tinseltown appeared five years ago.  It was written by Paul Phaneuf. Let's pick this up again and enjoy it together. This is Part 45.
• • Mae West: "I'm here to make talkies" or Censor Will vs. Diamond Lil • •
• • Inheritance and an oil well, too • •
• • Paul Phaneuf wrote:   "Well, that will help pay for my feelin's," she tells the ranch hands. Taking over the place she also promptly falls for a British oil surveyor, actor Paul Cavanagh. But he feels she's only using him, and goes off to another job in Buenos Aires.
• • "off to Bonus Airs" • •
• • The gauntlet thrown, Mae goes after her man, telling her lawyer, "Well, it looks like we're off to Bonus Airs."
• • The very next scene finds her decked out in furs and jewels and strolling through a huge, elegant gambling casino. She immediately creates a stir among the moneyed aristocracy:
• • Suitor:  I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.
• • Mae:  It wasn't your fault. You tried hard enough.
• • But she only wants to impress Mr. Cavanagh, who is now due to marry a stuffy aristocrat, very well played by Marjorie Gateson.
• • a terrifically filmed horse race • •   . . .
• • This was Part 45.  Part 46 will appear  on Monday.
• • Source:  Article by Paul Phaneuf in Films of the Golden Age Magazine;  issue dated 5  November 2011. Used with permission.
• • On Monday, 17 March 1930 • •
• • It was on Monday, 17 March 1930 when Mae West's "Pleasure Man" trial before Judge Amadeo Bertini began, and the New York District Attorney charged that Mae violated Section 1140-a by writing another gay play and he also charged her with the crime of maintaining a public nuisance — — an insulting charge typically levied at speakeasies and skidrow saloons not playwrights. [Learn more about Mae's trial by reading the stage play "Courting Mae West."].
• • On Thursday, 17 March 1966 • •
• • On 17 March 1966 caricaturist Al Hirschfeld wrote on one page: "John P. Sullivan has purchased a drawing of mine of Mae West for $250.00."
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • "Surrealist Portrait of Mae West (L' Age d' Or)" by Francesco Vezzoli (born in 1971) was sold to a French buyer.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:   "I wonder what some of those sour guys that are always deriding me would think if they knew my first work was on a church circuit?"
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A Palm Springs daily mentioned Mae West.
• • "At Chi Chi Mae West Is Just as Popular Today as During 1930s" • •
• • Mae West, the sexy siren who made Dad's celluloid collar steam in back in the mid-1930s, took a bead on the new generation when her brand new cafe show opened at Chi Chi Sunday night.  . . .
• • Source:  Article by G.L. in The Desert Sun; published on Tuesday, 17 March 1959
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