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Mae West: 3 Duets

MAE WEST was the ideal co-star, thought Elvis Presley.  This is Part 2.
• • Hollywood Remembered — — Elvis Presley and Mae West by Darwin Porter • •
• • The film, if made, would have be-come the jaw-dropping camp classic of the 20th century, according to Darwin Porter.
• • Elvis had a dream • •
• • Darwin Porter wrote:  Elvis had a dream of appearing opposite, not Marilyn Monroe or even Jayne Mansfield, but Mae West, who was 72 years old at the time.  He didn’t care that her last film, "The Heat’s On,"  bombed in 1943.
• • Watching the Oscar ceremonies in 1958, Elvis had been fascinated when Mae West and Rock Hudson brought down the house with a hilarious duet, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”
• • In 1964 when Elvis read the script for "Roustabout," he felt that the role of the fairground owner, Maggie Morgan, would be ideal for Mae West. He demanded that his producer, Hall Wallis, offer Miss West the role. He also wanted to sing three duets with this ageless sex goddess.
• • The next day, Hal Wallis told Elvis that Mae West would do the role but only after a private meeting with him “to check on our mutual  chemistries.”  Elvis called West, and she invited him to “come up and see me sometime — — like tonight at eight.”
• • Elvis invited Nick Adams to join him • •   . . .
• • This was Part 2.  Used with permission.  To be continued tomorrow.
• • On Sunday, 2 March 1913 in NYC • •
• • It was on Sunday, 2 March 1913 that Mae West began a one week booking at Hammerstein's Victoria in the theatre district on West 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue.
• • On Wednesday, 2 March 1927 • •
• • More details about the February 9th raid at Daly's Theatre on Broadway, and the political punching behind it were explained in Variety Magazine in their issue dated Wednesday, 2 March 1927.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Sign spotted in the dressing room of Mae West: "I can take care of my enemies — — but who will protect me from my friends?"
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:   "I never go to parties. That's why I live so quiet, though — I don't want to disillusion 'em by exhibiting myself as a good, quiet, hard-working woman who goes home nights, works on stories, and goes to bed.
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • Photoplay mentioned Mae West.
• • Mae West was poured into sequins for her first part in "Night After Night" with George Raft.  He said Mae stole the show.  After her next picture "She Done Him Wrong," Mae became a comfortable, cushioned alibi for lazy girls ...
• • Source: Item in Photoplay;  issue published in 1936
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