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Mae West: Be a Producer

It was Sunday, 28 April 1935 and MAE WEST was nearing her 42nd birthday. The Chicago Sunday Tribune ran this intriguing interview. Let's enjoy it anew.
• • Mae West Will Be a Producer When She Stops Acting • •
• • Mae West has no intention of deserting the cinema world when her days of stardom are over.  When she can no longer he a leading lady before the klieg lights,  she will become a producer, la West recently announced.
• • Like the factory owner who began as an office boy, Mae will know the business from the ground up. She has had experience in every stage of picture making during her time in Hollywood. She has written stories and collaborated on dialog. She has assisted in composing songs and had a vote In the choice of her directors and supporting casts. She has been an Influence in the selection of costumes. Miss West says she has deliberately participated in all these activities with the Idea of ultimately becoming a producer.
• • "I know as well as anybody else that I'll be all 'washed up' as an actress one of these day," says Mae.   But I like pictures well enough to want to continue in them. Yes, well do I know that other stars have tried to make pictures and failed."
• • Mae added,  "I will not be a producer-star. When I am through as a star, no one will know It quicker than I.  I Intend only to finance and supervise the making of pictures with players I'll hire, cast In stories I'll buy, directed by men I'll hire."  . . .
• • On Sunday, 8 March 2009 in The Buffalo News • •
• • In her enjoyable article "Wisecracking West was clearly a figure to be reckoned with," Carol Crissey Nigrelli ran with this first paragraph: Mae West reigns as one of the great architectural wonders of the 20th century. Her zaftig figure inspired legions of late-night comics and female impersonators. Fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, who badly misjudged the actress' tiny waist measurement, made up for some ill-fitting dresses by creating a perfume bottle in Mae West's shape. ...
• • In case you missed it, Carol Crissey Nigrelli's article was published in The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY) on Sunday, 8 March 2009.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Buxom Mae West of the films, a woman of many diamonds and few words, after many denials has finally admitted she married Frank Wallace, New York actor, 26 years ago.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "They talk about me being married. Would any woman in danger of a husband dare get furniture like that? It's very ladylike and would be plain ruined if some man put his big shoes on it. I don't waste money that way."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A Hollywood magazine mentioned Mae West.
• • Mae West vs. Paramount • •
• • The end of Mae West's career at Paramount at this time is not news either to Broadway or Hollywood Boulevard, but the technicalities of the abrogation are.
• • Associated Press reporting last weekend that "Mae West and the Paramount studio in Hollywood are jointly accusing each other of voiding her contract" ...
• • Source:  Article in  Motion Picture Herald; published on Saturday, 14  March 1936  
• • Note: during the 1930s, tobacco products and other consumer goods offered "an added value item" such as a collectible trading card packaged inside. "Collect the whole set!" said the sponsor. Mae West was one of the popular stars who appeared on these. What a lovely picture.
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