Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mae West: How to Misbehave

On Thursday, 14 June 1934 the Australian fans of MAE WEST were reading this news.
• • Mae West Achieves Fame With Her Novels, Too • •
• • "She Done Him Wrong," the novel based on Miss West's first Paramount picture, and the one which skyrocketed her to film fame, already is one of the world's best sellers. Nearly a million copies have been sold.
• • Now Mae West is at work on a new book, "How to Misbehave," and she is contemplating turning into a novel her original screen story, 'I'm No Angel.' If she finds time, it is expected that she also will write a novel based on her next Paramount screen drama of the Naughty Nineties, "It's No Sin."
• • Source: Item from The Chronicle (Adelaide); published on Thursday, 14 June 1934.
• • On Tuesday, 14 June 1938 • •
• • "Mae West Cagey in Tiff With Lawyer" • •
• • Los Angeles, Calif., 14 June 1938 — When lawyer Joseph Rosen asked screen siren Mae West to "come up" and give a deposition explaining how much Paramount Studios paid her for screen rights to "Diamond Lil" and other questions prefacing the $1,000,000 suit playwright Mark Linder has filed against her, Mae simply had nothing to say.
• • On Friday, 14 June 1991 in T.L.S. • •
• • An article "The invention of Mae West" written by Graham McCann was published in The Times Literary Supplement, No. 4602, issue dated for Friday, 14 June 1991.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Elsa Schiaparelli's clients included the heiress Daisy Fellowes and actress Mae West.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "I eat the right foods, exercise, take care of myself."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A newspaper mentioned Mae West.
• • "Come Up and See Me Some Time" • •
• • Mae West visited the San Diego Fair and met her midget prototype in the Midget Village. The “Midget Mae West” is Johnnie Fern McDill, 18 years old and 26 inches high. She received the big Mae West in her tiny home at the Exposition.
• • Source: Item in  Madera Tribune; published on Thursday, 13 June 1935
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