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Mae West: Dangerous Push

On Monday, 29 June 1970, MAE WEST got a headline in Earl Wilson's syndicated column. This is Part 2 of 2 installments.
• • "Mae West Makes a Comeback" • •
• • Earl Wilson wrote:  Which explained how she can go sleep­less through Welcome-Home mobs like this while grown men scream, "I touched her. I touched Mae West! I touched her!"     
• • Earl Wilson wrote:   It was the last of the red hot premieres. A dozen of us waited — — no smoking in her suite, she doesn't smoke — — then Mae: "Oh, am I taped up In this dress!  Better put the air conditioning on!"  There was a terribly dangerous push and rush to the car. Some­body saying, "Mae, they're running up the street after you!"
• • Earl Wilson wrote: Like a champ, Mae stood up at the theater entrance and waved and took it, never running like some of the kids do now. And she heard the Bravos again at Producer Robert Fryer's party at Iper­bole. "I was way ahead of the times with nudity and sex," she said. "They're just comin' up to me now."
• • Earl Wilson wrote:  Mao's escorts must have  fun. Mae was nice enough to say I looked good but one kid screamed at me. He said, "Oil, yuh look bettuh in the papuh!" And then Mae, remembering meet­ing my wife, was very cautious and said in a low voice, "It is the same wife, isn't it?"
• • This was Part 2 (the conclusion). Part 1 was posted yesterday.
• • Source: Item in Earl Wilson's syndicated column; published on Monday, 29 June 1970.
• • On Sunday, 24 June 1928 • •
• • The Brooklyn Eagle, Mae's hometown paper, sent reporter George Halasz to interview the star about her new Broadway play "Diamond Lil." In the newspaper's weekend edition dated for Sunday, 24 June 1928, George Halasz wrote:  "When the play is put in rehearsal she has but a bare outline of the plot and dialogue.  As the rehearsals progress, she throws in a line here, a speech there. ..."
• • This is, of course, nonsense.  Mae's plays had a large cast and she was present at the auditions. For instance, "Diamond Lil" had almost three dozen in the cast. Mae knew how many actors she would need, and what roles they would play, well before hiring an adequate rehearsal space. A lot of dramatists refine and revise during rehearsal, sometimes to suit an actor, but a theatre professional like Mae West did not walk into a rehearsal attended by more than 30 actors with only scraps of dialogue written on napkins.  No way.
• • On Thursday, 24 June 1937 • •
• • The Times (San Mateo, California) printed this syndicate article on Thursday, 24 June 1937.
• • "Mae West Must Answer Suit" • •
• • Los Angeles, June 24 [U.P.] — — Mae West, the film siren, must answer the suit of Frank Wallace, who contends he is her husband.  . . .
• • On Wednesday, 24 June 1970 • •
• • "Myra Breckinridge"  at the Criterion Theatre (1514 Broadway) on Tuesday, 23 June 1970. The general release was on June 24th.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Everyone in filmland, it seems, either loves or hates Mae West.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "Everything I do and say is based on rhythm."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A film magazine mentioned Mae West.
• • "The Human Side of Hollywood" • •
• • Jerry Hoffman wrote:  When the hue and cry over censorship arose, Mae West seemed to be the personal worry of most fans and Hollywood as well. Their fears were needless. 
• • Mae wasn't and isn't worried. 
• • She doesn't care if she quits to-day. Every dime (and there are millions of 'em) she has made on the stage and in pictures is carefully invested in government bonds and diamonds. Her principal right now is sufficient to guarantee her an income of several hundreds each week for the rest of her life. And for a long life.
• • Source: Item from Motion Picture; this issue was published in January 1935 
• • The Mae West Blog celebrates its 11th anniversary • •
• • Thank you for reading, sending questions, and posting comments during these past eleven years. The other day we entertained 3,497 visitors. And we reached a milestone recently when we completed 3,400 blog posts. Wow! 
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