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Mae West: Clever Performers

On Wednesday, 21 June 1922, MAE WEST and Harry Richman's act was rated by The New York Clipper in the section "Vaudeville Reviews."
• • The New York Clipper wrote:  RIVERSIDE — — Plenty of pianos and singing on the bill this week, in addition to a good amount of comedy injected in the right place. On Monday niglit thc attendance was fairly good, about two-thirds the house being occupied. Joe Cook, Ona Munson and Mae West share headlines.
• • The New York Clipper wrote:  Mae West, with Harry Richman, opened after intermission and tied up the works. A great act, and two clever performers. The material which is rough in places, could be overlooked, but that line, "You're one of those guys who kisses and then tells!" is absolutely out of place and should be eliminated.
• • Source: Item in "Vaudeville Reviews" in  New York Clipper, Wednesday, 21 June 1922.
• • On Tuesday, 21 June 1932 • •
• • "Mae West Signs for First Film" • •
• • It was on Tuesday, 21 June 1932 that United Press wrote:  Mae worked fast.  She signed with Helen Morgan and Texas Guinan to appear in "Night After Night" on Wednesday. She left the same night for the coast, and stopped off in Chicago just long enough to cancel her appearance in "The Constant Sinner."  ...
• • On Wednesday, 21 June 1933 • •
• • It was on Wednesday, 21 June 1933 when Russell Holmon of Paramount Pictures tried to explain to the Hays Office that the title of a song "No One Does It Like that Dallas Man" was essentially innocent and the lyrics were harmless.  Hays wanted changes though and got them.
• • On Sunday, 21 June 1936 • •
• • The headline read "Mae West Has Laugh at Studio — Producers Are at a Loss When Star Outsmarts Their Plans."  This coverage was published on page 20 of the Charleston Gazette on 21 June 1936.  Obviously the studio was behind this smack-the-naughty-girl's-hand story because the article explained that "It is no secret that she is very difficult to handle and that censor problems of the Mae West pictures caused the folks a notable series of delays ...." 
• • This one-sided piece also stated "There's another Mae West story going on here.  Mae stipulates that she must be credited with writing the script but it's whispered out loud that often times she hits an impasse and is unable to work out a scene to either her own or her director's satisfaction. ..."  
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West became the second highest-paid person in the USA in 1935 (after William Randolph Hearst) when she moved to Hollywood, landing a contract at the remarkably advanced age of 39 and becoming instantly notorious.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "I'm a big girl from a big town coming to a little town."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A California paper mentioned Mae West.
• • Mae West, the famous stage and screen star, will be interviewed by the Hollywood journalist Eleanor Barnes as the highlight of the coast-to-coast "California Melodies" broadcast to-night at 6:30 o'clock.  
• • Raymond Paige and his orchestra will provide the musical portion of the presentation with popular tunes and familiar light classics.  . . .
• • Source: Item from The Fresno Bee—Republican; published on Tuesday, 11 April 1933 
• • Image: Mae West looking sporty in 1933
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