Thursday, June 09, 2016

Mae West: Assault Charges

MAE WEST knew when to refrain from speaking. She did not utter a word during her trials in Jefferson Market Court in New York City. Thirty years later she kept her thoughts to herself after a bodybuilders' brawl.  Let's revisit the brouhaha backstage.
• • "Mae West silent as muscle men mix" • •
• • Washington, D.C., Friday —  "Mr. Universe," sporting a black eye and limping, yesterday filed assault charges against a fellow muscle man who knocked him out in Mae West's dressing room.
• • Mickey Hargitay, Budapest-born weight lifter who came to the USA eight years ago filed the charges against Chuck Krauser. Both are members of the Mae West troupe which is making a night club appearance in Washington, D.C.
• • Krauser pleaded self defence.  ...
• • Miss West sat in silence throughout the hearing before the charges were filed. ...
• • Source: A.P. article printed on page 2 in The Straits Times (Singapore); published on Tuesday, 9 June 1956.
• • On Sunday, 9 June 1935 in The N. Y. Times • •
• • Mae West did a few interviews with John Moffatt. In an article printed in the Sunday Times on 9 June 1935, Mae discussed parting with Libby Taylor, her longtime maid.  Mae said, "When she began wanting me to wake her up in the morning, I told her she'd better stop being a maid and give her all to the public."
• • On Thursday, 9 June 1949 • •
• • Society columnist Earl Wilson reported on this date that Mae West gave him a necktie for his birthday.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West is the only person I ever saw who could decline to answer a question without loss of poise or some defensive bristling.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "I'm sorry I didn't know the Fleet was coming in tomorrow, as I certainly would have come down then. I'm very patriotic that way."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A celebrity columnist mentioned Mae West.
• • Syndicated reporter Earl Wilson wrote:  Gene Barry, the male Brigitte Bardot, had all the lasses leering at him at 21.  I was amazed, for I knew him before his sex appeal had been discovered. "Didn't Mae West teach you to love?” I asked the handsome star of TV's "Bat Masterson" show. I remembered him playing Mae’s leading man in "Catherine Was Great” about 15 years ago . . .
• • Source: Item from Earl Wilson's syndicated column; published on Wednesday, 17 December 1958 
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