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Mae West: Hottest Sex

MAE WEST's first motion picture appearance was in 1932. But it was such a stunning debut that the rather anemic speakeasy film "Night after Night" was re-booked in movie houses in the Spring of 1933.
• • "Mae West at National" • •
• • Hollywood's hottest spot has been located. It’s not the set where the hero and heroine embrace passionately. Rather, it’s the foundry operated In the Paramount studio.
• • George Raft, virile young star, is featured with Constance Cummings, Wynne Gibson, Mae West and Alison Skipworth in "Night after Night,” screen adaptation of Bromfield's novel, “Single Night,” which comes to the National theatre Sunday, spent as much of his time between scenes as he could spare watching the workmen In the model foundry. The process kept him continually fascinated.
• • Source:  Item in Madera Tribune (California); published in Thursday, 20 April 1933.
• • On Wednesday, 20 April 1927 • •
• • The New York Herald Tribune ran with this fascinating headline — — Mae West and Two Men In Jail For Play "Sex" — — on Wednesday, 20 April 1927. Think of all the different ways a reader might have interpreted that headline.
• • Some other headlines announced: "Mae West Starts on Jail Term" and the sub-head was "Found Prison Inmates 'Very Interesting' On First Night."
• • On Wednesday, 20 April 1927 • •
• • Bruce Gould's article "'Sex' on Trial" was printed in New Republic on Wednesday, 20 April 1927 on pages 246 — 248.
• • On Tuesday, 20 April 1943 • •
• • The Los Angeles headline read:  "Threatened Death to Mae West" — — Russell Alexanderson, aged 18, farm boy, was convicted of sending extortion notes to Betty Grable, film actress, and has been placed on probation for five years. Federal agents charged Alexanderson with demanding $26,000. Reportage was printed in Gloucester Citizen [U.K.] on Tuesday, 20 April 1943.  
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Change of bill at the New York Paramount takes place on Thursday again this week. Mae West in person on the stage and the Mae West film, "She Done Him Wrong," are the chief portions of the program. Stage show also will include Georges Metaxa, Cliff Edwards and others.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:   “My play 'Sex' was a work of art.”
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A European journal discussed Mae West.
• • Will Visconti wrote:   In a career that lasted over eighty years, the performances of Mae West were famous, or infamous, for their power to shock, their transgression of boundaries of class, gender, sexuality and propriety, and for the frequent opprobrium that West seemed to attract. 
• • Will Visconti added: Moreover, there was no subject matter considered “off-limits” within Mae West’s work, and her plays and films were marked by her fearless approach to topics that even today are often seen as problematic (substance abuse, abortion, rape, and the idea of the “expiry date” of the female performer and her sexuality)  . . .
• • Source: Article: "Too far West (dangerous curves ahead)" by Will Visconti for The European Journal of Humor Research; published in 2014 
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