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Mae West: Bedizened

Dazzling in her diamonds, MAE WEST as Lady Lou "lives in a bedizened apartment over a saloon" and, for those of you who do not often use that adjective, "bedizened" means dressed up or decorated gaudily. This piece was published in April 1933. Let's enjoy it together.
• • "She Done Him Wrong" • •
• • Mae West — And A Vivid Picture • •
• • Sex that makes all other sex pictures seem puny and pale! Mae West's unabashed performance of a mistress of the Nineties is one of the most startling characterizations seen on the screen this year. She does not play a lady of dubious morals. There is not the slightest doubt about the morals of Diamond Lil, who lives in a bedizened apartment over a saloon, and has a nude painting of herself hung above the bar below.
• • her gowns, parasols, jewels, and drooping glances • •
• • She sings frank songs in the beer garden revue, and nearly every line she speaks has a double meaning.  But with all the bravado there is something honest and vital about this motion picture which robs it of offense. And whatever you may think of the sensational career of the heroine with her gowns, parasols, jewels, and drooping glances you will cheer the presence of Mae West's colorful personality in the movies.
• • Cary Grant, Gilbert Roland, Owen Moore and Noah Beery all help nobly.
• • Source: Article-review in Motion Picture; issue dated for April 1933.
• • On Wednesday, 25 April 1934 • •
• • An article about Mae West was printed in Britain's Evening Standard on Wednesday, 25 April 1934.  The "London after Dark" column by John Betjeman [28 August 1906 — 19 May 1984]  carried this sub-title: "I'm No Anna (Karina), Says Mae West."
• • On Thursday, 25 April 1935 • •
• • It was on a Thursday that Mae West's latest motion picture was released in the USA.on Thursday, 25 April 1935.
• • An enormous international cast was assembled to do justice to Mae West's ambitious screenplay "Now I'm a Lady" centered around the main character Cleo Borden, who wishes to be part of the tony horsey set. Script approval was granted, at last, by the Hays Commission on Monday, 1 April 1935. Produced by Emanuel Cohen Productions (as Major Pictures), the 74-minute comedy was released on 25 April 1935 under the new title "Goin' to Town."
• • On Tuesday, 25 April 1950 in Pittsburgh • •
• • An article "Mae West Saying a Lurid Farewell to Nixon Theater," written by Karl Krug, was printed in the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph on Tuesday, 25 April 1950.
• • On Sunday, 25 April 1982 • •
• • George Eells' Letter to the Editor (discussing Mae West and the black artists she helped break into films) was printed on page 95 in The Los Angeles Times on Sunday, 25 April 1982.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West, after finishing her third week at the Times Square Paramount, goes to Detroit and Chicago for appearances, then to the coast for her next Paramount picture.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:   "No, I don't want to sit down and have my dress wrinkle."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A trade daily mentioned Mae West.
• • "Stars for Motion Picture Club Ball" • •
• • Among celebrities who already have accepted invitations to the Motion Picture Inaugural Ball at the Waldorf-Astoria on March 4th are Lupe Velez, Mae West, Jimmy Durante, Jack Pearl, George Jessel, Edward G. Robinson, Ethel Merman, Lillian Gish, Beatrice Lillie, Clark and McCullough, Dorothy Gish, Ina Claire, Charles Butterworth and others.  ...
• • Source: Item in Film Daily;  published on Thursday, 23 February 1933 
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