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Mae West: Brassy, Bawdy

In April 1982, Associated Press did an article on the TV bio-pic about MAE WEST.
• • "Ann Jillian portrays Mae West" • •
• • By Jerry Buck, AP Television Writer, Los Angeles (A.P. ) • •
• • Associated Press writer Jerry Buck wrote:  Ann Jillian captures Mae West's drive, humor and insinuating way of talking in ABC's Sunday special on the brassy, bawdy, mocking entertainer who delighted millions and shocked the blue-noses. She plays the legendary Miss West from age 17 to 55, when her double entendres and frank sexuality earned her applause from vaudeville to the pinnacle of success on the Broadway stage and the movie screen. Miss West died in 1980 at age 87.
• • "She was way ahead of her time in male-female relationships and in women's liberation," said Miss Jillian, the platinum blonde singer-actress of ABC's "It's a Living" and the Broadway musical "Sugar Babies."
• • "I'd say more than anything she was for individual rights," Miss Jillian said. "She was shocked when she was censured by the movie censors for obscenity. To her, obscenity was war. She wanted to know if they were going to censure Hitler and Mussolini. All she wanted to do was make people laugh."
• • "Mae West," which ABC will telecast Sunday, also stars James Brolin as Jim Timony, her long-time lover and manager; Piper Laurie as her mother, Matilda West, largely responsible for her independence and attitude toward men; and Roddy McDowell as a female impersonator who helped her find her own original style.
• • Miss Jillian was interviewed during a break from the taping of her pilot for NBC "The Rainbow Girl." . . .   She wears a silver horseshoe around her neck; a present from her late manager and discoverer, Joyce Selznick, who died last year. "I wore it in every scene of 'Mae West,'" she said. "I'd wear it under my dress or hide it in the folds of my skirt.  I couldn't wear it where it would show because it's a very contemporary piece of jewelry. It's my good luck piece. It's a very sentimental piece."  . . .
• • Source: A.P. article rpt in The Gettysburg Times; published on  Friday, 30 April 1982.
• • On Saturday, 21 April 1934 • • 
• • Mae West on the front page of Picture Show Magazine thrilled her British fans.
• • What a beautiful cover of Picture Show Magazine with that celluloid couple, Mae and Cary Grant. This very collectible United Kingdom publication was dated for Saturday, 21 April 1934.  Mae was happy to promote her film "I'm No Angel" to the English movie-goers.
• • On Thursday, 21 April 1938 • •
• • Saint Louis, April 21 (INS) — — Boys in their early teens prefer Mae West to Shirley Temple, but they would rather take part in some athletic event than to attend a movie.  ...
• • These were some of the conclusions drawn by officers of Optimist International, a service club with headquarters in St. Louis, on the basis of questionnaires answered by members of representative Junior Optimist Clubs in twenty-two cities scattered throughout the USA and Canada.
• • Source: Item on page 7 in The Kane Republican; published on Thursday, 21 April 1938. 
• • Image: a  charming soft sculpture of Mae West, W.C. Fields, and little Shirley Temple created in 1967
• • On Monday, 21 April 1975 • •
• • Released in a hardcover edition on Monday, 21 April 1975 was "Mae West on Sex, Health and E.S.P." written by Mae West.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Instead of going to the dogs, Mae West has elected to go to the horses. She has just purchased three two-year-olds.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "I do things right because I follow what my astrologer says."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An Ithaca, NY paper mentioned Mae West.
• • Lent's Music Store, 116 N. Aurora St.  — — Week's Best Platters . . .
• • Lent's Record of the Month — Easy Rider — I Like a Guy What Takes His Time — Sung by Mae West . . . 
• • Source: Item in The Cornell Daily Sun; published on Friday, 21 April 1933 
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• • Mae West • artwork with Mae, W.C. Fields, Shirley Temple, 1967

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