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Mae West: Hollywood Hotel

MAE WEST was cast in "Night after Night" [1932] and so was Constance Cummings. 
• • This anecdote, reported in Motion Picture, does not ring true for me somehow. What do you think of it?
• • Motion Picture wrote:  A smart one, that Carole Lombard, but not so smart as we gave Mae West credit for being, the other evening.  Coming from a preview of one of Mae's pictures with Connie Cummings, we were held up by a change of traffic lights in front of a theatre a block from the one we just had left. And from one of its exits, suddenly and jauntily, La West emerged.
• • "What a wise woman," I mused, pointing her out to Miss Cummings. "Wise enough to appreciate what an ordeal a preview is, and wise enough to save herself — "
• • "Good Lord, I'll bet she's furious," Connie cut in. "Got into the wrong theatre!"
• • But maybe Miss West was just indifferent. Maybe she was being a bit like Kate Hepburn. Certainly that Kate girl seems to care little what happens in Hollywood, or what people think of her.  . . .  What a city of contrasts, this Hollywood!
• • Source: Gossip item in Motion Picture; issue dated for April 1933.
• • On Monday, 26 April 1926 on Broadway • •
• • Written by "Jane Mast" and starring Mae West as Margy LaMont, "Sex" opened in April — — on Monday, 26 April 1926. The Broadway debut occurred a few blocks north of Columbus Circle at Daly’s 63rd Street Theatre, the only playhouse available at the time. "Mae played a Canadian woman," noted Playbill, "with no time for those Mounties."
• • The N.Y. Daily News sent a reviewer who wrote: "Most of the 'Sex' appeal falls to the talents of Mae West, a vaudeville actress who somewhat resembles Texas Guinan."
• • On Friday, 26 April 1935 in the L.A. Examiner • •
• • This article appeared on Friday, 26 April 1935 in the Los Angeles Examiner: Louella O. Parsons wrote "Eva Tanguay Backs Mae in Dispute Over Husband." Notice the timing of Louella's supportive article and Mae's appearance on her radio program on April 26th. Hmmmm.
• • Hollywood Hotel on Friday, 26 April 1935 • •
• • The popular star of Paramount Pictures rarely appeared on radio. When she did, the sole purpose was to promote one of her motion pictures. Mae West had guest-starred on The Shell Chateau with Al Jolson in 1936 and also on Louella Parsons’ blackmailing program Hollywood Hotel on 26 April 1935, with featured guest Paul Cavanagh in an adaptation of her (then most current) screen gem: "Goin’ to Town."
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Murray Feil, managing Mae West, was operated on for appendicitis at the Mount Sinai hospital Saturday.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "She who laughs lasts."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A trade daily mentioned Mae West.
• • "Mae West's New Picture Doing Big at Paramount" • •
• • Ralph Wilk wrote: Thursday's business at the Paramount where "She Done Him Wrong" started its second week at that house was 80 per cent greater than the average business for opening days during 1932.  
• • Ralph Wilk explained: The picture, which has not been barred in any state, contrary to reports, is doing exceptional business in all parts of the country, according to a Paramount official.  . . .
• • Source: Item in Film Daily;  published on Monday, 20 February 1933  
• • Note: Though "She Done Him Wrong," was her first starrer for Paramount Pictures, Mae's name appears above the title. Pretty awesome contract negotiating by Jim Timony and the rest of Mae's team. Brava!
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• • Mae West • film ad in 1932

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