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Mae West: Thrilling Situations

MAE WEST inspired more than one columnist to analyze her business acumen after the release of "I'm No Angel." This feature was printed in a Michigan newspaper.
• • "Here goes on Mae West" [Part 1] • • 
• • Few names have been more publicized this past year than that of Mae West. One rather expects that when her day is over, and It probably will see its sunset within a very few months, for some little time folk will talk of those motion pictures as those that "made money out of playing up the obvious."
• • Mae West must be an exceedingly shrewd business woman to know how to play upon all the catch words, sure-fire properties, and the thrilling situations to which the majority of humans react.
• • Take her recent picture. She gets off on the right foot by calling it "I'm No Angel." Great knowledge of human psychology that. For most of us lean over backward to convince the world that we are quite "devilish fellows."
• • Left-Handed Compliment, Isn't that so? • •
• • Well, go over your list of acquaintances. Most men and women who are really grown up ought to be thrilled, happy, and proud if they are told: "I told him (or her) that I'd trust him (or her) alone with you even on a trip across the ocean." About eight out of ten persons to whom such a tribute is paid would say audibly something to the effect: "I appreciate your trust. It's great to hear you say that." But likely the same eight would think to themselves: "Huh, I don't know that I am so slow as all that. Guess I am as human as anybody else."
• • We are scared to death of being considered "good" — — most of us.  So the title: "I'm No Angel" starts a provocative fellow-feeling of guilt.  . . .
• • This is Part 1 of a lengthy feature. It continues tomorrow.
• • Source: Article (page 3) in The Ironwood Times (Ironwood, Michigan); published on Friday, 15 December 1933.
• • On Monday, 15 December 1930 • •
• • On Monday, 15 December 1930 this material was copyrighted: "Frisco Kate, a play in 3 acts" by Mae West.
• • Mae listed her address as 200 West 57th Street, New York, NY in 1930.
• • On Friday, 15 December 1933 • •
• • The release date for "She Done Him Wrong" in France was on Friday, 15 December 1933. In that country, the film's title was "Lady Lou."
• • On Wednesday, 15 December 1937 • •
• • An article "Mae West Script Angers Listeners" ran in The Hollywood Reporter in their issue dated for Wednesday, 15 December 1937. Except it was a script by Arch Obler, a male.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • "Tropicana" at Columbia is the film which brings Mae West back to the screen.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "The nerve of a brass monkey."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Daily Mail mentioned Mae West.
• • They printed a pictorial:  "Boulevard of broken marriages: Courtroom pictures document the moment Hollywood stars from Mae West, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley got divorced."
• • Actress Mae West checks over a few legal details in documents as part of her divorce case against her husband, Frank Wallace in Los Angeles on 21 July 1942
• • Source: Pictorial review by Daily Mail Reporter; published on Saturday, 15 December 2012
• • The Mae West Blog celebrates its 11th anniversary • •    
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• • By the Numbers • • 
• • The Mae West Blog was started ten years ago in July 2004.
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• • Mae West • in 1942

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