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Mae West: Amply Curved

In 1933 MAE WEST inspired more than one columnist to analyze her and praise her talents. Our three-part feature is continued below.
• • "Here goes on Mae West" [Part 3] • •
• • Mae West's latest motion picture might have had me worried a bit.  But glory be to the shades of all the demi-monde of history, stage arid screen, when I saw the slinky black gown with the sequins, and the all-revealing gown of glittering straps —— whoops! She might as well have marched on wearing a sandwich board placard with the slogan: "I'm a vampirish bad gal!" It seemed to me adults could call Mae West's interpretation of that theatrical gal "vulgar," or "horribly monotonous," and "hilariously and melodramatically ridiculous," but bad in the way of a menace for adults —— nope, wouldn't rate it that way.
• • For children? Well, it would be sullying to them in the same way bearing a remarkably fluent stream of billingsgate would be to the average decently reared youngster —— not likely to crack his morals and do serious damage, but engendering rather a queasy, warped feeling about life in general.
• • Adults, seeing a Mae West picture, are likely to chortle and whoop laughing at themselves and the fool notions and sappy reactions of their salad days. There is something bumptiously outright about her vulgarity that reminds grown-ups of the stories men tell when sitting in tap rooms, or camps. She certainly is no lady. Equally sure am I that she is not what I'd stake my last chocolate bar on that Mae West is, in reality, an experienced showman and most astute business woman, amply curved, blond pragmatist, both opulent, jaded, and weary  . . .
• • This is Part 3 of a very lengthy feature. Though this article is even longer than what's been posted over three days, we'll leave it here for now.
• • Source: Article (page 3) in The Ironwood Times (Ironwood, Michigan); published on Friday, 15 December 1933.
• • On Friday, 17 December 1937 • •
• • On Friday, 17 December 1937 in The Hollywood Reporter industry people surely noticed an article about Mae West on page 1:  "Legion of Decency Drive Impends on Radio 'Sacrilege'." This piece continued on page 4. Yes, on and on.
• • On Friday, 17 December 1937 • •
• • An article appeared on the front cover of The Cornell Daily Sun on Friday, 17 December 1937 — — above the fold. The title was "Propriety of Mae West Broadcast Questioned."
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West's broadcast with Don Ameche on the Charlie McCarthy Hour [sic] last Sunday night is to bring a statement from the National Broadcasting Company.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "We must do all that only and exclusively with the eyes."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Daily mentioned Mae West.
• • "Beards Do Not Repel Mae West" • •
• • New York, Friday (AAP): Actress Mae West and Broadway star Carol Channing made pertinent comments on bearded New Yorkers who missed shaving today to conserve water.
• • Mae West said: "Beards can do one of two things for men. One type becomes very distinguished-looking and the other achieves a primitive, sexy look. What's bad about that?"
• • The blonde bombshell continued: "Some women say they couldn't bear to kiss a man with whiskers. All I've got to say is, whiskers or not, he's a man, isn't he?"  . . .
• • Source: Item (on page 1) in The Daily News (Perth); published on Saturday, 17 December 1949
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