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Mae West: Dick Barrows

On Saturday, 7 December 1935 MAE WEST fans must have been shocked to read a misleading headline about a car crash. However, it did not involve the Hollywood icon but rather a Mae West impressionist, Dick Barrows. Let's peel back a few layers.
• • During the 1930s, Dick Barrows toured under the title "The Sepia Mae West." In 1933, a newspaper said of Mr. Barrows: "She comes from Sebastian's Cotton Club in Los Angeles." The act went over so well with booking agents that, suddenly, there were two of them.
• • In April 1934, Dick Barrows threatened to sue the New York based impersonator Sam Fouche for $25,000 for lifting his title and billing himself at Small's Paradise Club in Harlem as "The Sepia Mae West."
• • “Mae West” Kills Man in Auto Crash • •
• • Los Angeles, Calif., December 6 — [A.N.P.] — Dick Barrows, female impersonator, who bills himself as Miss Mae West, struck and killed an unidentified man at the corner of 40th and Central Avenue, Saturday night when he lost control ot his car. The injured man suffered a compound skull fracture and died without regaining consciousness.  Dick Barrows was released.
• • Source: A.N.P. Wire Service news coverage rpt in Indianapolis Recorder; published on Saturday, 7 December 1935.   
• • On Tuesday, 7 December 1954 • •
• • Several news outlets covered Mae West's bookings of the successful "Mae West Revue" in Las Vegas and other major cities.
• • One fellow wrote: Mae West gave me that famous glance and said, "Let's have the interview in the bedroom so you can tell your grandchildren how you spent an hour in Mae West's boudoir . . . ummm, taking notes."  Mae stretched herself on the bed while she talked to me. Now only a real square could take notes under such circumstances.
• • On Friday, 7 December 1973 in Colorado • •
• • Mae West was in Telluride for a special ski area dedication gala that took place from December 7 — 10, 1973.
• • On Tuesday, 7 December 1993 • •
• • "The Mae West Murder Case" (208 pages) was published by St. Martin's on Tuesday, 7 December 1993. George Baxt wrote it.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • A Sahara spokesman discloses that "Mae West is the spot's Number One draw" and, oddly enough, draws more women than men.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "I've never had a wishbone where my backbone should be."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Andy Warhol Museum mentioned Mae West.
• • Emily Wortis Leider, December 12, 7:00 pm — — The author of the acclaimed new biography of Mae West, Leider introduces West’s film, "She Done Him Wrong" . . .
• • Source: Item in the museum's newsletter; posted in December 1997
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