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Mae West: Sex in Sable

MAE WEST did numerous interviews following the success of "I'm No Angel" and she often discussed her outlook on love affairs. Obviously, this was the "public" Mae West talking, crafting her mystique and movie star image in the press. Let's see how the actress presented herself to her adoring fans in this article from 1933, when she spoke to a female reporter.
• • "Mae West Declares Love Affairs Are a Waste of Time" • •
• • Rosalind Shaffer wrote:  Hollywood, Cal. — — Mae West, now that her last picture, "I'm No Angel," is completed, is her own snappy self again, talking to interviewers and expanding herself in wisecracks and her shoulders in a beautiful sable scarf.
• • Rosalind Shaffer continued: Mae talked about love and how easy it was for a woman in Hollywood to waste a lot of time having affairs of the heart. "Why, I could be having love affairs all the time — — there's a lot of good looking young fellahs around. But what would it get me? I wouldn't get the story written for my next picture and the young fellah wouldn't feel like working either."
• • Rosalind Shaffer added: At this point Georgie Raft, immaculate in a white serge suit, white serge cap, and vivid blue shirt, leaned in the office window and said: Yeah, I bet he wouldn't feel like working1" And Mae cracked: "I'll positively guarantee he wouldn't feel like working." George had a few remarks of his own to make. He said to the interviewer (which is me): "You know Miss West lives in the same apartment I do." She says: 'Come up some time.' Well, I been up three times and nobody never was home." Which should prove something about Mae's contention that she argues herself out of love affairs before they ever get under way."
• • Source:  Article for The Chicago Sunday Tribune written by Rosalind Shaffer; published on Sunday; 15 October 1933.
• • Note: Mae's fabled sable scarf would look great, wrapped and ready, under the Xmas tree.
• • On Monday, 23 December 1929 in Los Angeles • •
• • Mae West took her "Diamond Lil" cast to the West Coast where she hoped to meet with Hollywood producers who would help bring the popular stage play to the silver screen. After a booking in San Francisco, Mae moved to her final California destination: Los Angeles. An article about Mae was published in The L.A. Times on Monday, 23 December 1929.
• • On Sunday, 23 December 1984 • •
• • "West and Owney Had a Hot Romance" was a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the bootlegger and Cotton Club owner Owney Madden, who was Mae's lover, written by film critic Kevin Thomas and printed in The Los Angeles Times on Sunday, 23 December 1984.
• • Mae West on the Bookshelf • •
• • Two excellent Mae West biographies are these:
• • "Becoming Mae West" by Emily Wortis Leider
• • "Mae West: An Icon in Black and White" by Jill Watts
• • Gift ideas for the Mae maven in your life.  Happy Holidays!
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • In her inimitable way, Mae West was a truthful woman, especially about sex.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "Strong coffee is my weakness. Occasionally, I drive out for a spaghetti dinner at Jack LaRue's Italian restaurant. Or slip down to Los Angeles Chinatown for chicken chop suey."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • "Mae Goes Philanthropist for Santa Claus" • •
• • Marshall, Missouri [AP]  — — Mae West is in the news again. She sent Santa Claus $290.
• • A man here whose name actually is Santa Claus has suffered so much ill fortune recently that he had to dig ditches to support his family.
• • Mae West read about it and took up a collection at her studio. Today Santa Claus received $250 from the actress by telegraph.
• • Source: News Item written by Associated Press; reprinted  by The Daily Illini; published on Thursday, 23 December 1937 
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