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Mae West: Jewels for WW2

Journalist and film critic Kevin Thomas was a good friend of MAE WEST.  Years ago, he wrote this:  "I recalled that she had once announced she would donate a portion of her diamonds to the war effort."
• • In their book "Duty, Honor, Applause: America's Entertainers in World War II," the authors Gary L. Bloomfield and ‎Stacie L. Shain wrote: "Diamond Lil" actress Mae West, donated jewelry to the war effort. The proceeds from the sale of the sparkling gemstones helped pay for supplies . .."
• • "Jewels for Defense" • •
• • Hollywood, California — — Curvaceous Mae West will break up her celebrated collection of diamonds, estimated to be worth half a million dollars, and turn over a selection of them to the WPB for use in war factories in precision instruments and cutting drills.
• • The screen siren is pictured at Columbia Studios with a small portion of her famous collection.
• • Source: News Item rpt in The Cornell Daily Sun; published on Saturday, 3 July 1943.
• • On Wednesday, 3 July 1929 in Variety • •
• • Someone at Variety, too upset that Mae West had scored a hit with "Diamond Lil," snickered that this "creative genius" from Brooklyn had stockpiled "volumes upon volumes of treatises on white slavery and a hot collection of pictures of burlesque queens."  These remarks were printed in Variety's issue dated for Wednesday, 3 July 1929.
• • On Monday, 3 July 1933 • •
• • Production of Mae West's motion picture "I'm No Angel" began on Monday, 3 July 1933 in Hollywood (and concluded in September 1933). 
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West says she thinks she is a narrow-minded woman. Well, we forgive her. It's the only place she is.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I never loved another person the way I loved myself."  
• • Mae West said: "This is just my summer jewelry. You should see my winter stuff." (movie dialogue from "She Done Him Wrong.")
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A Brooklyn paper mentioned Mae West.
• • "Trio to Entertain" • •
• • With Dorothy Sands added to the combination, Albert Carroll and Carola Goya will give another of their unique Sunday evenings at the Theater Masque tomorrow evening. Miss Sands, who rose to fame, as Mr. Carroll did, in the Grand Street Follies, will present imitations of Mae West, Haldee Wright, Ina Claire, and Pauline Lord. . . .
• • Source: Item (on page 12) in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle; published on Saturday, 16 February 1929
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