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Mae West: Dope Fiends

MAE WEST's appearance at the Jamaica Theatre was announced in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle on July 7th. Let's have a look.
• • The good old days when the Bowery was the Bowery have come to us again In a melodrama of the underworld called "Diamond Lil," by Mae West. It is to be seen at Werba's Jamaica Theater, Monday, July 16, direct from a solid year at the Royale Theater, New York, and four months at the Apollo Theater in Chicago.
• • Murder, Slumming, Dope Fiends . . . • •
• • This will be the first dramatic production to be offered under the Werba's new legitimate policy. The piece provides murder, some saloon entertaining, visits from slumming parties, and dope fiends. But Lil (Mae West) is the center of interest here."  . . .
• • Source:  Item in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle; published on Sunday, 7 July 1929.
• • On Friday, 7 July 1916 in Variety • •
• • The resident scold sat stone-faced through "Mae West and Sister" at Proctor's Theatre near Madison Square Park. Later on, Sime Silverman pulled up his tight garters as he sniffed and snorted behind his keyboard like an overheated carriage horse. "Unless Miss West can tone down her stage presence in every way," he sneered, "she just might as well hop right out of vaudeville and into burlesque." And if the unabashed Brooklynite was going to continue to be so disarmingly aggressive, Sime scolded Mae by suggesting that she should get up onstage next time in "men's dress altogether."
• • "Mae West now has a red carpet rolled out," Sime explained in Variety on Friday, 7 July 1916. "She loses much by occasionally overstepping the line between facetiousness and freshness. When she learns to draw the line, she will have made a marked stride in the right direction."  Thanks, big boy!
• • On Thursday, 7 July 1938 • •
• • A 1938 headline in The Sydney Morning Herald tooted: "Mae West and Clark Gable." The screen queen was in her mid-40s and the leading man was 37 years old.
• • "Film News of the Week" announced: It seems impossible to avoid the topic of the new star teams. The latest to be announced is the partnership of Mae West and Clark Gable, who are proposed for the latest roles in "New Orleans," an original story by the man who wrote "San Francisco."
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West will have a new partner in Clark Gable, her next leading man.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Jail life is not bad after all. It may be the making of me."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An Australia newspaper expressed a longing for Mae West.
• • "Dubbo Seeks Lady Godiva — — Mae West Refuses" • •
• • Bosomy actress Mae West and fan dancer Sally Rand have been invited to play Lady Godiva in Dubbo's Jubilee Week procession in October. In New York, Mae said she couldn't come down and see Dubbo this time. She is sorry American commitments made it impossible for her to accept the invitation.
• • "They probably have not seen a horse out there in a long time," she said.
• • Dubbo Jubilee organiser J. Miles cabled both women, asking them to state terms on which they would be prepared to be the town's Lady Godiva.
• • "The one that makes the best offer will be Lady Godiva," he said. "Appearance of either  Mae West or Sally Rand in the flesh would be a tremendous attraction, and would put Dubbo on the map," Mr. Miles said. "If neither can come, the Lady Godiva position will be advertised throughout Australia. ...
• • Source: Article in Singleton Argus (NSW); published on Monday, 9 July 1951.
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