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Mae West: Lucky Charm

The headline read "MAE WEST Proves 'Lucky Star' to Those Who Work with Her" — —   and the article appeared on Friday, 3 January 1936.
• • HOLLYWOOD. Jan. 3.— (U.P.) — About Mae West's lucky influence there seems to bo little doubt. It started back in the day when Harry Richman and Vincent Lopez were her accompanists. Harry Richman now is a night club, radio, stage and picture star. Vincent Lopez is an orchestral maestro. 
• • "Cary and Kent" • •
• • Then there was Cary Grant, who was a so-so figure of a leading man until he became Miss West's "tall, dark and handsome" co-star in "She Done Him Wrong." He night have made the grade regardless, but being with Mae speeded things up. The same is true of Kent Taylor, just a "stock actor" until Mae picked him for a picture. 
• • Alexander Hall, who had worked up the Studio ranks to be a cutter, was snipping and assembling one of the Mae West films when they decided on some extra scenes. Mae let him direct them — — and he was that good. He is full-fledged in the post now.
• • And George Clemens had been an assistant cameraman for several years. Mae always liked Karl Struss to photograph her pictures, but there came a time — — a second time — — when Struss was busy on a Bing Crosby film. The first time this happened, Bing chivalrously yielded, and Mae took Struss. But the second time was different. Mae had to look around for a lensman to do right by her in "Klondike Lou." Why not give George Clemens, who knew what she liked from working with Struss, the break? She won her point.
• • "She Brings 'Em Luck" • •
• • They all like to work on a Mae West set — — extras, technicians, odd- jobbers. Maybe it isn't only the "lucky star" idea, at that. But Mae says: "Sure.I bring 'em luck. It's the way you think. I never worry about anything and the people around me don't. And if you don't worry, things generally turn out pretty well for you. It's always been that way."
• • Maybe that's true, too, despite all the threatening notes, jewel robberies, extortion demands, and the fuss about the fellow who said he was her husband — — one year's Westian budget of things not to worry about.  But whatever the reason, the luck holds out. Mae's hairdresser can vouch for that, too. She recently drew a winning sweepstakes ticket.
• • Source: Syndicated article rpt (page 9) in The Racine Journal-Times; published on Friday,  3 January 1936.
• • In Movie Classic, January 1934 • •
• • One of the best Hollywood interviewers Ruth Biery wrote a lengthy article, "The Private Life of Mae West" and Part One was printed in the fan magazine Movie Classic, their January 1934 issue. Her 3-part series is a must read.
• • Mae West halted production on "Klondike Annie" because her very own Karl Struss was busy with a Bing Crosby vehicle "Anything Goes" (co-starring Ida Lupino, Charles Ruggles, and Ethel Merman as Reno Sweeney).
• • On Friday, 3 January 1936 in Australia • •
• • An intriguing article appeared in Perth on Friday, 3 January 1936 with this headline: "Favourite Camera Men of the Stars" (page 2) in the section "Film World" written by a Hollywood correspondent.
• • The West Australian wrote: The recent dispute between Mae West, Raoul Walsh (director), and Paramount executives over the quality of the photography of her new picture, 'Klondike Annie," which caused a four-day production halt while a new cameraman was found has been given much prominence in America and inspired 'Variety'' to a consideration of stars and their favourite cameraman. ...
• • Source: The West Australian; published on Friday, 3 January 1936.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • All Hollywood is laughing at the song parody which Mae West has composed about her recent front-page marriage rumors. It's a wow and it's not for public consumption.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "It isn't often that I write a man a letter. When I've got anything to say to a man, I'd rather say it personally, if you know what I mean."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Hollywood Reporter mentioned Mae West.
• • Mae West in Paramount's "She Done Him Wrong" — Now Shooting.
• • Source: The Hollywood Reporter, "Today's Film News"; published on Tuesday, 3 January 1933 
• • By the Numbers • • 
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