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Mae West: Cesar Romero

When MAE WEST heard about Cesar Romero and had a look at some of his amative work in the Von Sternberg — Dietrich spectacle, she told Paramount executives to "get her that man." But Universal had gotten wise, realized his worth in spilling manly charms across the screen, and refused to lend him out to play opposite the curvaceous Mae. Paramount succeeded, however, in getting him for the leading role in Damon Runyon's "Hold 'em Yale."
• • In 1935, Mae West crowned Cesar Romero one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, calling him "tall, dark, and handsome."
• • Rex Morton wrote: He was dark and handsome. His six-feet-two towered over Mae West as the two stood facing each other just outside the Paramount cafe. Mae looked him over slowly, smiling as she noted his height and dark good looks. She couldn't resist quoting Diamond Lil. "H-m-m-m, tall, dark 'n' handsome, you must play opposite me some time !" Everyone laughed, including Marlene Dietrich who had joined the crowd. ...
• • Source: "New Latin Lover Stirs Hollywood!" by Rex Morton for Motion Picture; published September 1935.
• • Cesar Romero [15 February 1907 — 1 January 1994] • •
• • Born in New York, NY on 15 February 1907, Cesar Julio Romero grew up to become a rare being: Hollywood's first "Latin lover" type who was not short. He was six-foot-two.
• • His earliest career was spent dancing and romancing his way through numerous rom-coms and screen musicals, playing the role of the high-minded Latin lover. In real life, Romero squired several actresses around Tinseltown but never married.  
• • Romero was also seen as a rogue bandit in "The Cisco Kid," a Western series. He went on to play numerous roles on TV, most memorably as The Joker in "Batman."
• • He died in Santa Monica from various complications caused by a blood clot. Romero breathed his last on Saturday, 1 January 1994. He was 86.
• • On Sunday, 1 January 1933 • •
• • Bootlegger and speakeasy owner Larry Fay met his death inside the Napoleon Club, 33 West 56th Street, New York, NY on Sunday, 1 January 1933. Mae West and George Raft both knew Larry Fay, who was the business partner of the night club czarina Texas Guinan.
• • Filmed in Hollywood, the reformed gangster rom-com "Night after Night" was set in the once grand townhouse that Larry Fay turned into a deluxe speakeasy.
• • On Sunday, 1 January 1967 in The Washington Post • •
• • Newspaper readers in D.C. got a brief respite from hearing about the antics of President Lyndon B. Johnson on Sunday morning, 1 January 1967 when the Washington Post reprinted an article by Los Angeles Times columnist Kevin Thomas: "Mae West, Like Rock 'n' Roll Music, Is Still Deeply Rooted in Ragtime."
• • On Sunday, 1 January 1978 • •
• • A review of the motion picture "Sextette," starring Mae West, was printed in Variety, the issue dated for Sunday, 1 January 1978.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • "Fuzzy" Knight, the cowboy who made such a hit, although appearing only in a "bit," in "She Done Him Wrong," Mae West's opus — — Hollywood thinks he has the makings of a real star comedian.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Sex in grandma's day was always quaint."
• • Mae West said: "I top 'em all.  So why should they like me? People don't like to be topped."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • Motion Picture mentioned Mae West.
• • J. Eugene Chrisman wrote: But one thing, as well as I know you, I wish you would tell me. Why is it when you go to the prize fights, you never make the slightest demonstration? You never show a moment of excitement, even when one boy almost knocks another into your lap, Mae? Why is it?  ...
• • Source:  "An Open Letter to Mae West" from J. Eugene Chrisman, Western Editor of Motion Picture; published in the issue for August 1935
• • By the Numbers • • 
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