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Mae West: Harry Harvey

MAE WEST worked with the actor Harry Harvey, who was born in the month of January — — on Thursday, 10 January 1901. He played the role of Tony's accountant in "Heat's On" [1943]. 
• • Harry Harvey [10 January 1901 — 27 November 1985] • •
• • Born in the USA in Indian Territory, now Oklahoma, on Thursday, 10 January 1901, Harry Harvey was raised in a musical family. In 1918, at the age of 17, he joined the group "Gus Hill's Honey Boy Minstrels."  After honing his skills on the burlesque and minstrel circuit, Harry Harvey was noticed and cast in Broadway shows.
• • In 1932 he was accorded a minor part as a stagecoach passenger in the Western "Destry Rides Again." Harvey rubbed shoulders with his fellow cast member Francis Ford, who would go on to play the sheriff in "Goin' to Town" [1935] starring Mae West.
• • In 1943, Harry Harvey was 42 years old when he snagged a bit part in "Heat's On" starring Mae.
• • Between 1932 — 1974, the character actor was seen in 434 projects for the cinema and also active in popular TV series.
• • Harry Harvey died in Sylmar, California on 27 November 1985. He was 84.
• • On Thursday, 10 January 1935 in Los Angeles • •
• • A newspaper gossip column reported on Thursday, 10 January 1935 that actress Lyda Roberti [1906 — 1938] lived in the same apartment building as Mae West, George Burns and Gracie Allen, George Raft, and Ida Lupino. The Ravenswood at 570 North Rossmore was the address, of course.
• • On Thursday, 10 January 1935 • •
• • Katherine Cornell was starring on Broadway in "Romeo and Juliet" in January 1935. But the wits in Ithaca, NY were pondering the classic weeper, set in a modern penthouse in Manhattan, and starring Shakespeare as Romeo and Mae West as a "wised up" teenager from Verona, Italy.  For example, when Romeo asks if he can vault up to the balcony, Mae-Juliet replies that he should take the elevator and save his strength for other activities. Their revised balcony scene is a fun read.  
• • Source: The Berry Patch column in The Cornell Daily Sun [Volume 55, Number 78]; published on Tuesday, 10 January 1935. 
• • On Tuesday, 10 January 1950 • •
• • The letter was dated for Tuesday, 10 January 1950 and Mae West had a pen in her hand, ready to make it official. Mae was signing a typed letter (one page long) employing the William Morris Agency as her sole and exclusive agent for a period of three years. The contract would go into effect on 18 February 1950.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • "I'm No Angel" is another grand vehicle for Mae West. Theaters will probably be bringing this back for a second and third showing just as they did with the hit-of-the-year — "She Done Him Wrong."
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "There is something about big cats that appeals to me."    
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The El Paso Herald-Post mentioned Mae West.
• • Inez Kobb wrote: Even in the wide open days of prohibition and the late Mayor Jimmy Walker, an actress-playwright named Mae West paid a fine of $500 and spent a week in the work house for writing and appearing in a play called "Sex." Producers were also jailed. Miss West was charged and convicted "for giving an obscene performance." Not only was the actress-author jailed, but so were the play's two producers, James A. Timony and Clarence William Morganstern. A generation later, Miss West must indeed feel a knucklehead that she was naive enough to label the play for what it was, "Sex." If she had but had the wit to label her opus "House of Flowers," it might still be running with confused city authorities lulled into the belief that its subject matter treats of floriculture. ...
• • Source: Article: "The 'House of Flowers' Show Is Worse Than What Jailed Mae West" written by NYC syndicated columnist Inez Kobb for El Paso Herald-Post; published on Friday, 7 January 1955 
• • By the Numbers • • 
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