Friday, June 10, 2011

Mae West: Lew Kelly

TWO castmates who appeared in "I'm No Angel," written by and starring MAE WEST, share a date in June.
• • Born in Wichita, Kansas, Hattie McDaniel was billed in the credits as Tira's Maid-Manicurist. She has a June birthdate — — 10 June 1892. After a remarkable career, Ms. McDaniel died at age 60 on 26 October 1952 in Woodland Hills, California.
• • Born in St. Louis, Missouri on 24 August 1879, Lew Kelly was seen briefly as the animal keeper for the circus that employs Tira. The same year, Lew Kelly was also seen as Sourdough, the hotel manager in "Tillie and Gus," which starred W.C. Fields as Augustus Winterbottom and Alison Skipworth as Tillie Winterbottom, two performers who also worked with Mae West.
• • The busy bit parts player, first hired in 1928, was subsequently attached to 217 titles and ended his silver screen career with "Barbary Coast Gent" [1944], where he was briefly seen as a stage passenger. Employed right up to the end in minor roles, Lew Kelly died at age 64 in Los Angeles in the month of June — — on 10 June 1944.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Tira: Always remember, honey. A good motto is: "Take all you can get and give as little as possible!" Don't forget, honey. Never let one man worry your mind. Find 'em, fool 'em and forget 'em! [Source: Mae West wrote her own lines for "I'm No Angel," 1933.]
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• • From San Angelo, Texas, Britt Towery writes: At one time folks thought Mae West was what we needed. At one time all America needed was a five-cent cigar. Cigars have disappeared and Mae West is but a life preserver and some still think America needs something. ...
• • Source: Article: "Life really is a comedy of errors" written by Britt Towery for Go San Angelo; posted on 9 June 2011
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