Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mae West: Edward Eliscu

MAE WEST performed musical numbers in the motion picture "The Heat's On" [1943], although the songs in this film are probably the least known. Portraying an actress Fay Lawrence, Mae opens the mish-mash musical singing “I’m Just a Stranger in Town.” When Hubert Bainbridge — — a pathetic would-be lothario [actor Victor Moore] — — comes to pitch some woo with his bad toupee unhinged, Fay says, “Don’t look now, honey, but your hair’s skiddin’!”
• • Let's give credit where credit is due. Performed by Mae West (uncredited) in the show "Indiscretions" was "I'm Just a Stranger in Town"; music by Jay Gorney with lyrics by Henry Myers and Edward Eliscu [Copyright 1944 by Mills Music Inc.].
• • Well, once is never enough, right? Performed by Mae West (uncredited) and chorus in the show "Tropicana" was "Hello, Mi Amigo"; music by Jay Gorney with lyrics by Henry Myers and Edward Eliscu [Copyright 1944 by Mills Music Inc.].
• • Yes, yes, Mae deserved better. And so did the Romanian-American musician Edward Eliscu [1902 — 1998], born in New York, New York on 2 April 1902. The son of author Edward Eliscu, he attended City College and began to perform in stage plays. This introduction to the theatre led to his career as a lyricist; he went on to create the libretti for shows and then for Hollywood movies starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, etc. His lyric writing credits included several Broadway shows such as "The Garrick Gaieties" [1930] and "The Third Little Show." His chief collaborators included Jay Gorney, Gus Kahn, Billy Rose, and Vincent Youmans. Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1985, Edward Eliscu died in Newtown, Connecticut in the month of June — — on 18 June 1998.
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• • Writing from Indonesia, M. Dee Dubroff explains: Officials from Indonesia’s space agency and well-respected astronomers believe the crop circles were sculpted by human hands and all agree that a UFO, like Mae West used to say about goodness, had nothing to do with it. . ..
• • Source: Article: "Indonesian crop circles: Was a UFO responsible?" written by M. Dee Dubroff for Asian Correspondent; posted on 16 June 2011
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