Monday, April 25, 2011

Mae West: Singapore Swing

Come up and see MAE WEST in Asia. Visitors to the newly opened ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands will soon be able to enter the surreal mind of Salvador Dalí, one of the 20th century’s best-known artists. Dalí: Mind of a Genius — — The Exhibition, will display over 250 artworks by Dali, making this the first time ever that such a large number of his masterpieces are shown within a single venue in Singapore. A dedicated space will showcase Dalí’s surrealistic transformations in furniture, displaying pieces such as the Mae West Lips Sofa [created in 1934], Vis-à-vis Sofa, and Bracelli Lamp, announced Benjamin Levi, President of the Stratton Foundation and curator of the exhibition, who knew the artist.
• • WHEN: Dalí: Mind of a Genius — — The Exhibition: from 14 May 2011 until 30 October 2011.
• • WHERE: The ArtScience Museum is in Marina Bay Sands, along the Marina Bay waterfront. Visitors to Marina Bay Sands will find the Museum located along the north Promenade, within walking distance from The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and the Double Helix Bridge.
• • 25 April 1935 • •
• • On this date, Mae West's latest motion picture "Goin' to Town" is released in the USA.
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • Can Reese step into the circus spotlight once ruled by Mae West — — or will Witherspoon wither? New England based film critic and entertainment reporter Stephen Schaefer writes: The weekend’s other major release, the film version of the bestselling novel "Water for Elephants," is certainly handsomely mounted but as a story of simmering frustration, forbidden love and tragic consequences it has all the force of a pat of melted butter. The 1931 circus setting has been rendered with care and Reese Witherspoon, slender and self possessed but seemingly on sedatives, is costumed with a nod to Mae West’s "I’m No Angel" where the movies’ once notorious sexual hot momma played a circus star. Witherspoon gets points for actually getting on the horse and the elephant for her role, eschewing a double for the basics but her anemic performance once again makes you wonder who’s minding the store here. ...
• • Source: Review: "Tepid Water for Elephants" written by Stephen Schaefer for The Boston Herald; posted on Sunday, 24 April 2011
• • By the Numbers • •
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