Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mae West: Garden State Gets Gaudy

MAE WEST comes to life in the hands of actress Anne Marie Finnie, who is the bawdy half of the wonderful team called the Gaudy Girls. Today they will perform their engaging act in The Garden State. The Vernon "Marlo-Mod Hatters" Chapter of the Red Hat Society will be sponsoring a buffet luncheon featuring the Gaudy Girls — — that is, "Mae West" along with vivacious Maggie Worsdale in the role of "Sophie Tucker." The event will be held today on Saturday, 16 April 2011 at Casa Bianca in Oak Ridge, New Jersey at 12 noon.
• • The enchanting Gaudy Girls entertained at the Annual Mae West Tribute in August 2010 at Actors Temple on West 47th. Yow-zaaah.
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• • Birmingham, Alabama reviewer Ed Reynolds has just covered a self-published book by a successful hometown musician who died earlier this year at age 96. Hooked on amphetamines for a hectic decade, composer Hugh Martin introduced singer Eddie Fisher to the drug during the time he was his pianist.
• • Halfway through his critique, Ed Reynolds mentioned Hugh Martin's encounter with Mae West. Mr. Reynolds wrote: Born in Birmingham in 1914, Hugh Martin headed to New York City in 1934 for his first attempt at breaking into the entertainment world. Making the rounds of radio and other entertainment venues earned the singing piano player numerous rejections, but apparently he got someone's attention because the still-unknown Hugh Martin soon got a phone call from Mae West. She became agitated when Martin assumed the call was a friend impersonating the starlet to play a prank on him. The embarrassed Martin apologized profusely but Mae West simply let him off the hook with: "Never mind. Skip the apologies. I have a hard time sometimes convincing people that I am who I am." She had called looking for a pianist and vocal arranger to tour with her for six months. When Martin turned her down (because he didn't want to leave New York City), West got mad, shouting, "How dare you turn down Mae West . . . you're insane!" ...
• • Source: Book Review: "Hugh Martin: The Boy Next Door By Hugh Martin." written by Ed Reynolds for Black and White City Paper [Alabama]; posted on 14 April 2011
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