Monday, April 11, 2011

Mae West: # 1893 Finale

The MAE WEST BLOG is celebrating a special anniversary at present — — in honor of blog post # 1893. To mark this occasion, a number of Mae-mavens offered their Westian wisdom inspired by the Brooklyn bombshell who was born in the year 1893.
• • • What is Mae West's legacy, in your opinion, and is she still relevant?
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• • Tom Sykes, Sykes Signatures, Orlando, Florida (posing by the famous Hollywood sign)
• • I will neither confirm nor deny that I ever spoke to Miss Mae West; however; I did communicate with her via mail from the mid '60's till the time near her translation in 1980.
• • Regarding her LEGACY and her relevance — — My fascination with Miss Mae West arrived at the time of my Puberty. I was enchanted by beauty, style, and glamor. Something Mae West had in SPADES!!!!
• • In 1963 she would have been a very mature woman by that particular time. Knowing what she had, and knowing what she wanted; and above all else — — knowing how to get it. A new generation of Fans to connect to, also. It was the End of Fabian and Bobby Vee along with others of that era. The British Invasion was happening at the moment and once again America was at War — — in so many ways. . .. (that's another issue totally).
• • Miss West relied on the — — Spirit within — — with to advise her conscious mind of the right thing to do at this Moment in time. Miss West truly believed — — TIME — — was on her side in every reflection of the mirror. She needed a youth Fix!!! A new Record to be made. Another Record to be broken!!! No time to lose; only a generation of adoring fans to be gained!!! "WAY OUT WEST" — Released by Tower Records in 1966 was the avenue she chose for herself. Not a TV Show; nor a New Film; but a Record of Now Happening Music that would Seal the Deal with the Youth Generation. Not just the Hippies to be; but; the artistic hopefuls and Decorators and Designers of the future. Ian Whitcom's song — — "NERVES" — — captivate my soul. I was in my early teen years and I was Nervous!!!! Her sensual way of singing my emotions was a temptation I truly desired. Kiss Me. Ian Whitcom went on to produce Miss Mae West's later Rock & Roll album: "GREAT BALLS of FIRE." In his recollections of working with Miss Mae West, Ian was gracious and kind and, it seems, somewhat enchanted, too.
• • Keep Mae West alive and interesting in our minds.
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• • Thank you very much to all of our guest commentators who took the time to contribute.
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• • Celebrity Weddings on April 11th — — In 1911, screen siren Mae West and Frank Wallace had wed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mae West kept the marriage a secret. But in 1935, after West had made several hit movies, a filing clerk discovered West's marriage certificate and alerted the press. ...
• • Source: Article: "Celebrity Weddings" written by staff, The Kansas City Star; posted on 7 April 2011
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• • The Mae West Blog was started seven years ago in July 2004. You are reading the 1896th blog post. Unlike many blogs, which draw upon reprinted content from a newspaper or a magazine and/ or summaries, links, or photos, the mainstay of this blog is its fresh material focused on the life and career of Mae West, herself an American original.
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