Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mae West: Nicodemus

MAE WEST had a special fondness for native New Yorkers, vaudevillians, and African-Americans and Nick Stewart was all of those.
• • Born In Manhattan [birthname Horace Winfred Stewart] during the month of March — — on 15 March 1910 — — Nick Stewart took the role of Nicodemus Stewart in "Go West Young Man" [1936].
• • He wed in 1941. Nine years later, the energetic character actor, with his wife Edna, founded the Ebony Showcase Theatre on LaBrea Avenue in Los Angeles.
• • If you saw "Song of the South" [1946], that was his voice bringing Bre'r Bear alive.
• • On the early 1950s TV series "The Amos 'n Andy Show," Nick Stewart (billed as Nick O'Demus) portrayed Lightnin', the slow-moving broom pusher who worked for The Kingfish.
• • The versatile showman from vaudeville and radio was one of the first inductees in the Academy of Television Arts and Science's new Archive of American Television.
• • The last surviving cast member from "Amos 'n Andy," Nick Stewart lived to be 90 years old and died on 18 December 2000 in Los Angeles of natural causes.
• • Mae West Earning Greenbacks for GreenLight • •
• • Robert Klara writes: But most attractive of all: A dead celeb won’t pull a Tiger Woods on you. “You know what you’re getting,” says David Reeder, whose L.A. firm GreenLight Rights handles the licensing for departed stars like Mae West and Johnny Cash. “Any negativity [about their lives] has long been digested by the popular culture—and they’ve withstood the test of time.” ...
• • Source: Article "I See Dead People" written by Robert Klara for Brandweek; posted on 14 March 2011
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • Billionaire investor Warren Buffet suggested: “Why not invest your assets in the companies you really like? As Mae West said, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” . ...
• • Source: Article "Warren Buffett: his best quotes" — www.telegraph.co.uk; posted on Tuesday, 15 March 2011
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