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Mae West: Barney Bernard

In 1911 MAE WEST's high-stepping antics got her fired from "Vera Violetta" when she brazenly tried to trump the star, French diva Gaby Deslys. However, she did enjoy rehearsing the big-budget musical with the charismatic Hebrew comedian Barney Bernard, who was cast as Morris Cohen. The actor had worked with Ned Wayburn (Mae's dancing teacher) and honed his craft in vaudeville.
• • Born in Rochester, New York on 17 August 1877, Barney Bernard had been on Broadway since 1907. He was cast (as Mr. Wiseheimer) in the "Ziegfeld Follies of 1908" as well as in other high profile shows. Fame found him during the wildly successful run of "Potash and Perlmutter" [1913]. In this new play launched on 16 August 1913, he originated the role of Abe Potash and kept audiences coming back for two years until September 1915. He reprised the role on film as well. Producer Samuel Goldwyn had first become familiar with Montague Glass' "Potash and Perlmutter" series of stories when he was a glove salesman. In 1923, he decided to make a film of the play; it was so popular that he filmed sequels as well.
• • The beloved star of stage and screen was 46 years old when he caught pneumonia. Barney Bernard died in Manhattan in the month of March — — on 21 March 1924 and he was buried in Washington Cemetery on Bay Parkway in Brooklyn, NY.
• • Mae West's "Sextette" on DVD • •
• • According to Eric Cotenas of Cineventures: On 19 April 2011, Scorpion Releasing will release two oddball pick-ups from, respectively, Crown International and Cinerama Releasing: starring the "Sin-Sational" Mae West (based on her own play) and . . . . In Sextette, Marlo Manners (Mae West) has just wed her sixth husband, but her attempts to consumate the marriage are disrupted by two ex-husbands, fans, reporters, an Olympic wrestling team, her agent, and more in this campy musical comedy. SEXTETTE also features Timothy Dalton (THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS), Ringo Starr (CANDY), George Hamilton (LOVE AT FIRST BITE), Tony Curtis (SOME LIKE IT HOT), Alice Cooper (MONSTER DOG), Dom Deluise (HAUNTED HONEYMOON), and Regis Philbin. ...
• • Source: Written by Eric Cotenas for his web site
• • Happy Birthday, Timothy Dalton • •
• • Mae West's co-star and screen husband in "Sextette," Timothy Dalton was born in March — — on 21 March 1946. We wish the tall, dark, handsome, and very personable senior citizen the best returns of the day.
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • Pennsylvania history teacher William Kashatus writes: Edie Adams [1927 — 2008] began working regularly in television with Ernie Kovacs [1919 — 1962], who was outrageously funny. The show, which was live and unrehearsed, was groundbreaking in the new medium of television. Edie developed an exceptional talent for impressions, imitating celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Mae West and Zsa Zsa Gabor. The duo performed such hilarious skits as "Ernie in Kovacsland" (1951) and "Kovacs on the Korner" (1952). But the show was short-lived, being too progressive for mainstream audiences. Kovacs and Adams married on Sept. 12, 1954 and became a popular couple in the Hollywood social circuit in the late 1950s. ...
• • Source: Article: "Kingston's Edie Adams made smoking sexy and fashionable in the '50s and '60s" written by William Kashatus for The Citizens Voice in Wilkes-Barre, PA; posted on Sunday, 20 March 2011
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