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Mae West: March 1934 Cover

MAE WEST was often featured on the cover. Many collectors own this March 1934 issue of Radio Stars Magazine. The program guides were mixed in with gossipy tidbits about notable radio headliners and ads in this popular 100 page publication with a wide circulation.
• • The cover line asks: Can Mae West Beat the Radio Jinx?
• • Edited in New York City and published by Dell, during the 1930s Radio Stars Magazine was the largest circulation of any radio magazine. Many covers featured glamourous portraits done by the artist F. Earl Christy.
• • Though many newsstand magazines died off during the Great Depression, Dell's fan magazine series kept flourishing, especially Modern Screen. Radio Stars seems to have been printed from 1931 1938, offering front page covers of Rudy Vallee, Gracie Allen, Eddie Cantor, Annette Henshaw, Bing Crosby, Alice Faye, Tyrone Power, Lily Pons, Gladys Swartout, Robert Taylor, Virginia Verrill, and others.
• • Mae West [1939 — 2009] from Georgia • •
• • Actress Mae West was an animal lover — — and so was her namesake in the peachtree state, Mae West who was born on 2 May 1939.
• • in her honor, Douglas County Humane Society offers a new program, “Mae West’s Fix ‘Em Free” that will make free pet spaying and neutering available to qualified applicants in Georgia.
• • The program is named for Mae West, a long-time Douglas County animal welfare activist and former Humane Society president, who died in 2009.
• • The offer will continue until May 2, which would have been Mae West’s 72nd birthday. Douglas County residents can phone: 678-838-9123.
• • Source: The Times-Georgian
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • Arch Oboler [7 December 1909 — 19 March 1987] was a scriptwriter, novelist, producer, and director who was active in films, TV, and radio, and penned the infamous "Garden of Eden" radio broadcast skit for Mae West.
• • Dick Wolfsie writes: I'm excited to know I have some famous relatives, such as Arch Oboler, who was an American playwright in the 1940s and 1950s. Uncle Arch once penned a TV episode detailing the horror of a giant, undulating chicken heart. He also wrote for Mae West and Edgar Bergen. My cousin Ed told me there is no evidence that any other family member ever became a good writer. Hmmm. So if your name is Pemberton, Oboler, Fishoff, Mankin, Rappaport or Zisser, we may be related. ...
• • Source: Column: "Family ties not strong enough to bind" written by Dick Wolfsie for The Shelby News; posted on Saturday, 19 March 2011
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  1. Mae West was fabulous in her infamous banned radio skit.

    And Arch Obeler, whom you wrote about, wrote fantastic radio thrillers. I simply adore his work.